Screen Protector Optical

Screen Protector Optical
How much do i sell this camera for? (Black Pentax S12 Optio)?


So I have a Black Pentax Optio s12 Digital Camera 12megapixel.

I don’t have mch money right now and i haven’t done my christmas shopping so I’ve decided to sell my camera, but do not know how much to sell it for? It also has a screen protector, it’s in great condition.I got it for like $260 new.

it will come with:
~ Charger
~ 2GB memory card

I will be selling it on craigslist.
please give me an approximation on how to sell it for?

Thank you, happy Holidays!

Where do you live? That makes such a big difference!!!

Try googling for a second hand camera just like yours – Craigslist, ebay, etc…… then you’ll know how much other people get for it.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but I doubt you’ll get much for it at all……. little P&S cameras are a dime a dozen, even brand new…….

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