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Blu-ray, monster HDMI, Best Buy= SCAM?
I wanted to know how to expose the scam that surround the TV biz. 1) I bought a 1080p panasonic tv and was told by the administrator at Best Buy that the Monster HDMI cable (over 100 bucks) gave a far superior picture. I bought it and compared against my $30 cable, NO diff AT ALL. 2) After the TV purchase I be told by Best Buy employees and Geek Squad body (4 different people) to spend the $300 extra for Geek Squad to come to my house and ‘calibrate’ the tv. They lied about supposed ‘drastic level improvement’ as I called Panasonic and they told me in that is no need WHATSOEVER to do this achievement and the tv is calibrated correctly at Panasonic 3) I bought a Blu -Ray player and the feature is not any different than my 1080p upconverting DVD player. In reality it is slightly worse in part. Why am I being lied to and what can I do going on for it? Any ideas?

Bratz LCD TV contained by the U.S.?
I am looking to buy a Bratz LCD TV in the U.S. and cannot find this hard to please TV anywhere. I only found it contained by the U.K. BUT! the stores that I contacted in the U.K. will not ship anywhere surrounded by the U.S. Anyways if anyone knows where on earth I can find this TV please contact me. This is a gift for my little one. Below is a correlation to the TV I am looking into buying Thanks :o)…

Broken TV merely showing bottow partly and black on the top partly, how do you fix that?
I have a 2003 RCA and it is showing single half of the picture. Top partially is black with a bright white string going through the middle. The bottom half is showing partially the show that is on. This is occurring on all channel and while viewing DVDs. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Burn contained by on Philips Plasma of watching ESPN for solely 10 minutes?
I was watching ESPN on my Philips 42 surrounded by. plasma an hour ago for about 10 minutes.I turn on my tv menu and i mind a ghostly carving of the logo on it and so far it hasn’t gone away as i can still see a fainted portrait of the logo on the tv.Is my new Plasma tv very soon ruined from this? Also, i don’t have any features close to pixel shift and screen investor,and the tv was manufactured surrounded by July,07′. PLZ help me!

Buy TV within France?
Hi I live another country outside France, But I want to buy a TV in France for my relative live surrounded by there. Could anyone transmit me about how could i find website (languages is English) that market like electronic within France. More over I want to pay through the Thanks

Cable Tv ask?
I have an issue near my cable TV at my apartment. None of my outlets are working. This morning, I noticed that I have no signal on my DVR. I reset the unit, and the time wouldn’t display on the box. I enjoy Comcast by the way. Anyways, I go into my other bedroom where I merely have a cable running directly into my SDTV. I turned on the TV and near was no signal going to that one any. I called Comcast, and they said I hold to wait FIVE DAYS since a technician could come out to the apartment and take a look at it. F—–g detestation Comcast. Anyways, I obviously hold an issue with the internal electrics if both outlets are not getting a signal. But why would this all of a sudden arise? I know where the cable roundabout box is at the apartment. Is it possible that something went wrong contained by there? If so, what? I can’t assume that both outlets would go late at the same time. The individual thing I see contained by common is the fork box. Any ideas?

Cable TV Connection?
I dont have a cable tv nouns in my room so i want to acquire one. i want to put my tv next to my door (we hold cox) but im not sure if i can put it there and still catch connection because dont you enjoy to put the connection surrounded by the wall that is closest to the outside? im confused

Cable TV digital box …….?
I have, and reward for cable tv, I have one digital cable box and 2 tv’s. I do not want to rate to rent another one, anyway, a friend of mine got her cable terminated for nonpayment and is moving far away, she give me her cable boxes which are identical to the one i already own, i hooked it up on my other tv and it only works on the regualr channel, not the digital channels. Can this be because cable company disabled her boxes? and can cable company detect that I hold her box hooked up to my tv?

Cable tv problem??
I have 2 contemporary tvs, a 32″ Sony LCD in my bedroom and a 42″ LCD contained by my livingroom. The picture on both tvs is quite snowy except for a few channel. The pictures on both are really not much better than my old tv. I enjoy cable and was wondering if it could own something to do with the string coming in? Thanks contained by advance.

Can a cable box work through a splitter?
I am getting new cable service from my cable company. 1 tv is getting a cable box while the rest are only regular analog tv signals. My house is already wires, and i have a few splitters here and in attendance, with one line running out to the cable box. Will the digital cable box work through all the splitters, or does it entail a direct line to the cable box? I used to work for Dish see, and we COULD NOT use splitters, or else it simply wouldnt work. Im wondering if its like principle.

CAN A TELEVISION be mounted on to the CEILING??
i was merely thinking of how cool it would be to have your tube or flat screen preferably be mounted on to your roof. close to you could be just lay in your bed and only just look straight up. is it possible??

Can anyone relay me how to turn the closed heading for my Sanyo TV?
I need to turn on the closed captioning on my Sanyo TV. I somehow turned it bad and now I can’t carry it back.

Can digital tv signal converters be made to work for TV-band radios?
I listen to TV. I don’t watch it. Can my TV radios (radios that seize TV channels) be made to get digital channel via the digital TV signal converters that are being sold very soon? I assume not directly, but what if I purchase a couple things from Radio Shack? …even if it’s not pretty…

Can i catch a free movie passageway on antenna tv?
CCD or closed caption decorder is the brand

Can I conect a DTV converter on a TV w/ satellite box. Need the converter for LOCAL sta. not avail. on DISH.?
I have a sit. receiver on a non digital TV. I want to connect a DTV converter to the TV because the locals are over the heavens not on satellite. Can it be done ? and how do I connect them?

Can I connect a PC to my CRT TV using a ScartVGA Cable?
I’m wanting to make a medium centre out of an prehistoric PC and CRT TV. I’ve heard that ScartVGA Cables will singular work on flatscreen TVs because of the refresh rate. Is this true? If it is, are here any ways I can get this to work? Thanks, Rob.

Can I cut the School TV power cord near scissors undamagingly?
i brought my xbox 360 to school today at essentials math so we could play create we always enjoy like 50 minutes not here of no work cause we finish within like 20 minutes, and I brought everything and we asked if we could use the TV that she never uses its not even hers and my stupid foreign french tutor said ” no ” then we said ” why ” consequently she said ” cause i vote NO “. so is it ok for me to bring scissors and cut the powercord to the TV off while its unplugged and i wont draw from electricuted?

Can I keep under surveillance Digital Cable TV on my Portable TV, if it is a persuaded portable TV(s) that will do it, relate me?
tell me please I want to know

Can I receive Dish HD on a non-HD small screen?
I have a non-HD small screen and I haven’t ordered Dish HD. I want to know if HD works on my TV. I have watch a WWE Pay Per View on a different receiver but on my same small screen and it came as HD. Plus, Can I get hold of it for free or must I pay extra?

Can I split my cable modem/foxtell coax and use it as an antenna input for my digital tv?
I have cable internet and ive merely bought a tv card and need an antenna for it, so i thought instead of running a antenna cable to my room cant i basically split my internet cable and use it as an antenna at the same time? Foxtel runs stale the same lines so im guessing nearby is some kind of free to nouns single going through these cables.

Can I survey cable tv beside NTSC tuner?
does this tv allow me to watch standard cable tv?…

Can I use an HDTV antenna near my regular TV?
I don’t even know whether my TV is a digital or analog. All I know is it was a 10-year-old TV. I administer up the cable/sattlelite monopoly service and want to try an indoor TV antenna but I got confused when most of them voice HDTV on the box. By the way, I live within suburban area 30 miles east of Atlanta, GA.

Can I video (VCR) TV shows through a digital-to-analog converter box? How?
Thanks. (And if you answered my other converter box question, I apologize for looking at answers individual after my question have just expired. I’ve voted for one answer; two be very valuable.)

Can SCART receive HSYNC and VSYNC signals?
Hi, i want to make a VGA to SCART converter but i dont know where on earth to connect the HSYNC and VSYNC VGA outputs. SCART doesnt seem to own lines for these. How do i connect it? here is vga pinout… and here is scart pinout

Can someone facilitate me? My mitsubishi backside projection color is stale. I can not move the convergence crosses.?
I payed some jek to fix my tv and $150 later it looks equal. I tried adjusting the convergence but it will not move contained by any direction. He said he put in a trial convergence chip that was similar to a 2 in 1. It took him three visit and my tv is still the same. The colors are rotten. I tried reseting the convergence but it does nothing. He did some sodering and messed near it but nothing have changed. It used to turn on and the power light would come on but not the tv. After letting it sit a few days the tv picture would come put money on but its color is off. I dont know exactly what year the tv is but its probably 5-10 years ripened and is 65″ Mitsubishi. I bought a universal remote for this brand specifically. Im roughly to throw it away and I cant afford to take it surrounded by for repairs. Any suggestion?

Can surge protector in truth ruin/hurt tv?
Ok, so the other day have Comcast here installing my phone. The guy looks at my connections and says “this will ruin your tv contained by time..needs to be grounded outside.” I be busy w/two toddlers, so wasn’t paying much attention..but when hubby got home,we notice he disconnected the cable from surge protector. Why would he do that? Hubby thinks he be just sluggish and needed a cable and didn’t want to go put money on out to van. Now, today, for no reason..our cable box only went out. I call but they couldn’t help us. So it’s any wait 4 days or exchange the box. Hmmm?? any suggestions

Can those wireless cable senders distribute hdtv signals?… that wireless video sender says you can transmit cable from the living room tv to your bedroom tv..can it convey hdtv channels?

Can TV bought contained by Japan work surrounded by India?
I recently bought a tube from Japan, when I played it in India the picture keep flickering. Even when I play movies using with the DVD player I bought from Japan same item happens. I using an adapter to convert the current from 220v – 100v Can someone transmit me what might be the problem?

Can wal-mart reprint my receiving if, I bought the warrenty near my product?
Not even four days ago I purchased a 32″ Sanyo LCD TV from a wal-mart. I bought the two year additional warrenty near wal-mart because I wanted the new coverage. Just as luck would have it I believe one of my two sisters come over and took it upon themselves to pitch the sack the receipt be in and trash be has already be picked up. Even more my luck I noticed tonight one of the pixels be off. Now I work for wal-mart but I’m not too sure nearly the full aspects of the 2 year warrenty policy. Some say that you enjoy to have your reciept. Others hold told me it doesn’t matter if you enjoy to cause they can look up the warrenty. Can someone confidence my frustration?

Can you barter at Comet or Currys?
hi, Im looking to buy a new TV from a store close to comet. Is it rude to barter in that quality of shop?? If i was buying a TV worth lb600, how much could i expect to bring the price down and does anyone have any tips?? appreciation alot

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