Screen Repair

Screen Repair
screen repair …?

My old roommate (who just got up and left three months ago) lost my apartment key when he was here and went three different window screens trying to get through the open windows. I'm trying to get back to the screen now. The screens looks good on all three .. have no rips or holes, but the pictures are damaged and bent and I assume irreparable. Frames all look like this "Before" picture I found .. maybe a little worse. can anyone give me any direction in the repair This .. preferably inexpensive, since it is an apt. (I'm loaded a lot of money if I have the resort to). I talked to a guy at The Home Depot … but had no idea of what he was talking about. Oh. hahah thanks. The image is actually one I found online … not really my screens. My look like the "before" image.

First get a tool from the screen, like a pizza cutter with a wheel at both ends. (Very cheap). Then place the flat screen the floor with the side trim strip strip up.remove gently from side bent, folded edge display release.then remove and re-straighten it gently (be careful not to close the gap the display and return to court) and then reassemble your frame to repair the screen and use the reset tool on the back edge to hold court to replace screen.Might material of the screen if there is not enough to re-sort insert.Good

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