Screw Front Lens

Screw Front Lens
Crucial damage on a 2005 Suzuki 650 Bergman?

This bike suffered a parking lot, slow speed, left side drop. This bent the headlight stay which is making all the front plastic not fit correctly, cracked the front fairing, and cracked the windshield. The bike runs straight, and all options still work as they should. It will for sure need one headlight “one screw tab is broken on the rear and there is a light scratch on the lens”, front fairing, windshield, and headlight stay.

Is it too risky to purchase a bike after this kind of damage? The guy is asking less than or equal to $3500.

Can it be repaired? Approx. how much money would it take to fix?

Don’t buy it–maybe it has been fixed two or three times that you don’t know about–certainly you can find a better one. you get what you pay for. Most people don’t handle a mtorcycle irresponsibly–even a slow drop is irresponsible–not worth it.

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