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Screw Lens Hood

LED Accent Lights

Thinking of something unique for your car? Then dress up your car LED accent, led the market allows you to select from a wide variety of accent lights. There under car lights, interior LED lighting effects in many colors. LED accent lighting accessories lets you create a new world of visual driving excitement. This is the latest in custom lighting effects including indoor and outdoor lighting, neon tubes and strobe lights all available in a variety of dazzling colors. LED lights are very efficient and you can expect to outlive them and their vehicle.

There are some dual-color LED accent light every LED light is blue and white are mixed under the clear lens its just need to attach to the hood, fenders, trunk, or anywhere you like and wire them 12 volt system. The good news is the addition of a high-intensity color to the exterior, is easy to install without drilling or cutting.

Advances in LED lighting technology made more durable and effective for what they consume less energy than neon tubes and cars. LEDs are made of water resistant material of high impact acrylic to survive in any climate. These highly durable accent light last longer and use less energy than other lamps have Instant on / off capability, and add brightness and appearance to your vehicle. LED wakes up your creative thoughts how are you multi lights be added to the cup holders, windshield wiper fluid sprayers, taillights, dashboards, seat and door edges, wheel wells and a countless other places.

Everything depends on your choice of solid color LED lights can give your vehicle, or intermittent, and color chasing. Are available in low lighting equipment, LED lighting bolt, accent lighting, projectors and more, adding flexibility and choice Car accent lighting.

You can install a LED light distribution control panel. This device will allow you to see through a control panel you can control many lighting fixtures of a car that is easy to reach location, while at the same time acts as a colored LED lighting and attractive accessories for the interior of your vehicle. The coolest look of the speakers will not be achieved without LED Speaker Rings that gives your vehicle a high-tech for the system and car stereo speakers glow of solid rings or react with your music.

This technology frees you to do a lot of The creative with your vehicle. LED lights have a source every 1.5 to minimize background in a work situation. In addition, this product offers a mode that changes color Using red, green and blue LED chips to create literally thousands of unique colors and combined with a remote control, these lights can add attractive lighting effects almost anywhere you can imagine. Moreover, the strips can be cut with scissors or a knife to any length required for your application. target = "_blank" title = "LED Accent Lights"> LED Accent Lights

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