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Hold your breath and we will choose a diving watch

If diving is more than a hobby, sooner or later have to get a real diving watch. There many types and brands of dive watches, some of them are stronger, some of them are expensive and some of them only look good. If you started with a $ 10 watch diving, may want to get a new one. Seriously. If for some reason your watch under water goes crazy, you have no other form of time immersion and another way to determine how long you can stay before decompression sickness kicks in.

So first, start looking clocks that can be taken at least 200 feet of water. And I'm not talking about your "waterproof" watch that can take a bath, but does not stand up under pressure water. You probably will not get that deep but 200 meters of water resistance is the recommended minimum for any dive watch for more test methods strict. Because the sun does not shine at these depths, is also recommended that your clock additional lighting or arms that glow in the dark. Even after 20 or 25 meters of dark things so any guards have been brilliant, easy to read arrows and numbers. And try to read the clock on a reasonable distance. Without his glasses. But remember that electronic or other LED light can dry out the battery faster when used often, so luminous painting will be a better option here.

Adjustable bezel is the following to verify. The bezel is the ring of metal that sits around the clock face. Your watch should come with a unidirectional bezel controlled. The "One-way" is to the left so if the bezel is accidentally stranded, it will appear that you have been under water for a longer period After a short period of time. For the same reason the bevel should be firm and not easily moved.

Most scuba divers watches into the abyss with analog. I really do not know why, but it's the most common watch to see underwater. Digital watches are kicking in because of the relatively low prices and is there anything wrong with them except that you have to know how to work the timers. There are also diving watches self winding and chronograph watches diving.

Once you've made your choice, remember to wash the watch and the bezel after each dive in the sea (salt water) or in the pool (chlorine). Ah, and not take it to the sauna after diving or hot tub. The seals do not like extreme temperature change. Inspect the seals and joints from time to time and make it change every 2 -3 years.

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