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Send From Syd

Do not throw that hard drive!

Many of you may have gotten a shiny new computer as a gift, or perhaps Santa Claus this year (if you have been good!) But before you sell or give away your old computer, you must prepare your hard disk for removal. That means properly delete all your files, to ensure that no is confidential or sensitive information that is easily accessible.

The data are often least partly recoverable. Recently purchased an author a hard drive on eBay that had been used by a clinic. Had more than 30,000 credit cards in it. Units purchased in this way often contain data confidential. Deleting files or even reformatting the hard disk is not enough. Why?

Your disk area occupied by Cap. 6 are marked as available for other files.

But keep in mind that nothing has happened. The actual data that are cap. 6 is still there, happy as a clam, in the same place disc. Something similar happens when you reformat the disk. In short, delete files or format the drive only removes the references to the information in question themselves data.

This is why deleted files can be recovered with specialized software like this: The data can still be recovered from formatted disks. So what to do?

Before you put that old computer away or giving it away, go to a of these sites for a program to wipe individual files or entire hard disk. Note that some of these programs will be removed from Windows, so in which case, of course, the old computer can not be used.

many similar programs available. Drop by your favorite search engine, and rummage around. These programs will ensure that your data is beyond recovery, for practical purposes.

On a related note, must also take precautions before sending your PC to the repair shop. Even if you trust the technicians with their things, files can be erased during repair. If your machine is working, back up all your important files or sensitive. Use a USB thumb drive hand or an external hard drive or a line of many people (and free) storage services.

Personally, I prefer to use my own storage devices. Thus, the data never leaves your hands. Whatever method you use backup, check that the files copied successfully. Then delete sensitive files from your hard drive. You can reinstall when you get your computer back Store.

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