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Shade Lcd Hood

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There are two components to a fish finder screen: screen type and screen resolution.

Display Type

Fish finders have two types of screen: LCD (LCD) and CRT (CRT). An LCD usually have good contract in daylight, use a small amount of current and tend to be compact. They are available in resolutions up to 320 x 200 pixels, the smallest dot on the screen. Note that the lens protector on the screen should not cause excessive glare in direct sunlight or it may be difficult to read the screen.

A CRT screen is often compared to a television screen. CRT is available in full color and monochrome (grayscale) models. In the models of color on the relative strength of the sonar echo back to the fish finder shows that allows the fisherman to differentiate between different objects easier. Some color screens are more difficult to see in direct sunlight than others. Depending on model you choose, you may want to consider a visor or mount the display unit in a shady area.

Screen Resolution

The key to the screen resolution is the number of pixels is the number of "points" on the screen. The general rule is that the pixels on the screen more detail you can see. higher resolution models will allow you to see fish near the bottom, to distinguish the objects grouped closely together and be able to see fish near bait balls.

There are two important components to the resolution: the number of vertical pixels and the number total pixels. The number of vertical pixels is the number of pixels the top of the bottom of the screen. The largest number of vertical pixels more accurately Finders "fish finder> show target depths.

The number of total pixels is the number of pixels per square inch of the screen. The largest number of pixels the more detail you can see, the better the representation on the screen divide and display images better. Keep in mind that in order to exploit the very high resolutions the unit also have a high contrast on the screen.

Monochrome vs Color Sampler

Monochrome or grayscale screens display images in black and white or in shades of gray. The low price locators may not have a grayscale or all 4 grayscale levels. This means that there will not be too much contrast on the screen to different objects. Models higher price can be up to 12 gray scale levels per pixel. This higher level will allow for target contrast and definition.

color displays are generally more expensive. You will also pay more as you increase the resolution of the screen. In general, color screens actually has less pixels seekers fish black and white, but each pixel will have a maximum of 256 color choices. The different colors make it easier to distinguish between different types objectives.

Split screen or window of data

Some fish finders come with Split screen displays or windows of data. A split screen lets you see different types of information simultaneously. You may have a dual transducer Finders "search Fish> split screen and allow the screen to display images from both transducers simultaneously. Another application is to have a split screen database window in the middle of the screen. A window can display data of digital information such as speed, depth, water temperature or length and latitude. The other half of the screen can display graphics that are common objects in the water.

Grayline ®, white or Bottom Hardness

More fish finder shows the bottom are shown by a thin line with a variable width band underneath. This section of the screen allows see the objectives in the bottom and also indicates bottom hardness. An experienced fisherman will often be able to differentiate between the mud, sand and rocky bottoms. This functionality is different from brand to brand names such as Grayline, white or just bottom hardness.

It is clear that without a reasonable screen will not be able to "see" sonar fish is found. Make sure you know what kind of display of your fish finder is the time to buy.

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