Shape Screw Mount

Shape Screw Mount

Well- Engineered Pontiac Exhaust Tip – Best for Performance and Aesthetics Functions

Your Pontiac car is a complex assembly of car parts and accessories that enables it to perform exceptionally on the road. The exhaust system is among the integral systems in your car that is tasked to lessen harmful engine emissions, reduce the sound level of your engine, and deploy engine exhaust gases to the rear of your car. As a system, it is made up of a number of components. Every exhaust system part has a specific function to perform—that is why your entire exhaust system will not function properly if one or more of its sub components failed to do their part. There are different types of exhaust system: the single exit cat back exhaust, dual exit cat back exhaust, and performance diesel exhaust. But no matter what type of exhaust system you may have, they all have the same number of components—and among these is the Pontiac exhaust tip.

Your Pontiac exhaust tip can be seen at the end of your car where the exhaust gases are vented. This exhaust system component is the only visible part of the entire system that is the end of the final length of the exhaust pipe. Compared to the rest of the exhaust system, the Pontiac exhaust tip is often the larger pipe. It may be among the least maintained parts, but your Pontiac exhaust tip is among those parts that affect the performance of your car. The exhaust flow as well as the over all tome of the exhaust tone of your Pontiac depends on the construction and shape of the exhaust tip installed on your car. The accompanying sound and the remaining pulses of exhaust gases are shaped in the exhaust tip as they exit from the pipe. As a matter of fact, a long pencil-shaped exhaust tip will definitely sound different than a short megaphone exhaust tip. The manner of installation of your Pontiac exhaust tip can also affect the sound coming out of your car. Screw-on Pontiac exhaust tips provide a less solid sound as compared to welded or compression clamped Pontiac exhausts tips that produces a more solid sound.

Aside from performance enhancement, your Pontiac exhaust tip can also add some visual style and aural punctuation on your car. Custom exhaust tips are among the most affordable car styling enhancements around. The automotive market offers various styles, finishes and construction of exhaust tips. Some of these include trumpet exhaust tips, tapered exhaust tips, dual exhaust tips, single exhaust tips, megaphone exhaust tips, mellow exhaust tips, square exhaust tips, quadruple exhaust tips, triple exhaust tips, oval exhaust tips, as well as oval exhaust tips. However, you need to consider a few guidelines when choosing the right exhaust tip for your car. You can choose the biggest and the loudest if you want an over the top style. You can add subtle yet unique style on your car by following the predominant shape, general mounting direction of the bodyline, and mounting flush with the rear valance of your vehicle. So get a stylish yet functional Pontiac exhaust tip at your preferred car parts dealer online or offline—and add some shine to that space below your bumper!

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Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.

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