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Shoe Spirit Level

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Lately I've found myself wondering what it would be like to walk in another's shoes. The pondering thoughts did not last, because I can only walk a million miles in my own shoes, but when I pass by other pilgrims, I realize I'm not alone in this trip. Most of us are trying to find our way to that place that is designed just for us. Others have become so callous and disillusioned that life has thrown at them. Living life from a spiritual level can be difficult but in reality is the only true path. As I wrote in I, INC., Life Program Manual, mind and body are so easily mistaken. We are not our minds and our bodies just encase our being so that we can survive on this earth. This profound truth may seem at first, but it is what it is. Our spirits are well protected within us and keep the compass that can lead us out of any storm or tribulation. Yes, you can only use my own shoes, who has time to deal with another human? But I see the world around me. We are all spiritually interconnected. Sometimes the lighting is a group of people, a community, an organization suddenly. It is increasingly rare, but it happens. When it goes almost everyone "gets." It can be a revelation about a company you work for. You can go to work one day and realize that you have been working for thieves. You can be part of an organization that is supposed to be helping your community, but a front for money laundering. I am not suggesting that each awakening reveals negative circumstances, but the reality is that our world has lost touch with the essence of why we are here, for starters.

We designed to be lovers. Lovers of humanity and the Earth we live When I practice active listening to the voice of my spirit I gain guidance, knowledge and power to change the course I am. If I ignore it and let my mind that a team is only regurgitating the data regardless of whether it is true, ethical or morally good. If you allow it, the mind is rationalizing a situation to the point of total disgust, and was left with a feeling of complete confusion and personal power has been diffused.

As human beings we can not lose no time in something or someone who just are out to steal and destroy. When it comes to our mind, it is no fault. It's just doing work if is damaged or not. We are the guardians. If you do not dump the entire litter that we have collected in the form of judgments, assumptions, accusations and countless other forms of waste, our minds just keep using what you have and throw conclusions are supposed to be true and are based on real events. So many of our neighbors may think they are "Aware" of what they are doing and are in control, but the reality is that they have bought into a lie. No one guided by the Holy Spirit would never do nothing to oppose the Law of Love If and when they do, they are acting according to what their minds and bodies are telling them to do. They behave differently than a typical animal. Although it can "think" and rationalize our decisions and actions ultimately always going to use to do whatever it takes to survive.

Self-preservation is not the problem, the question is how. If we allow God to speak to the spirits, and actually take the time to listen, they are 100% guaranteed that the guidance we receive only love and prosperity for ourselves and our neighbors. Whatever sacrifice we have to do, Ultimately it is about being able to wake up every day and say YES to life and not death. You can breathe, talk, walk, go to PTA meetings, playing with their children, but still be "dead."

We were designed for greatness, but the world is what it is and how we respond to it will control the destiny of our lives. The choice is always ours. Free will is a divine gift, but very few of us know how to control it and use it for us so we can progress of our lives and humanity. We are being called on a universal level to stop and wonder, "When I stop just about me?" Is it not join me in moving our deep need to move forward and generate progress at all levels of life?

About the Author

I am the President of the SELF, INC. Life Program (  I decided to become a writer of articles so I can perhaps offer up any insight that I have gained and continue to gain, as a student of life, on how to manage our personal worlds  in so we can manage them effectively and gain spiritual enlightenment. Lastly, I want to be part of a community of people that are committed to personal enlightenment, that wants to be enlightened and wants to help other people be enlightened, or just want to find the darn light, turn it on in our community and in the lives of others.

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