Silicone Skin Camera

Silicone Skin Camera

Doraemon Silicone Case for iPhone 3G &3GS;

Doraemon special silicone case for iPhone 3G 3G with logging sexanular profile. IPhone's case can keep safe and protect your iPhone from scratches. This constructive soft silicone case, treated that resists dirt and stains. In addition, its unique design allows easy access to all buttons. You can control and ports without removing the skin.

There are many colors iPhone Skin Case for you to choose, of course, there are many more types of iPhone Skin Case, for example, silicone case for iPhone 3G 3G, Hard Case for 3G iPhone Design pink Hello Kitty hard case and so on.

View this Doraemon silicone case:

and protection without adding bulk

  • Access to all touch controls and dock connector
  • Openings for the speaker, microphone and a camera
  • Durable and flexible silicone construction
  • Elegantly designed Doraemon.
  • Content Package:

    IPhone Case

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