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Skype Msn
Offer found that most coaches do not know how to prepare themselves or their customers phone coaching. This article is based on teaching materials I did for my clients.

What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) define training as a partnership with clients in a thoughtful and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

As a certified trainer PCC my approach to coaching is based on the International Coach Federation (ICF) guidelines. My work with my clients is to support them in developing their leadership potential, from where are now to where they want to be.

Why and when telephone coaching?

Telephone coaching sessions are training conducted by telephone. Usually involves a coach and client, but I have completed the coaching of your team (this is not my preference as you lose a lot of interaction and information.)

Telephone coaching is a practical and cost effective

Lack of time – fully booked agendas

Not knowing how clients of learning (auditory, visual or kinesthetic)

Missing the interaction face to face – not being able to look at your customer's eyes

Interruptions by third parties and around


At any time during the day

Profitable: travel, traffic and weather

Election of the environment and feel at home, safe, comfortable

sessions shorter coaching – to the point, discussed the points of immediate application

Coach: How to prepare?

The preparation for each session.

Before starting the training session on your phone:

  • Make sure your environment knows no be altered
  • Turn your phone off not using
  • His coaching space (office) should be comfortable and quiet
  • Clear your mind before you start receiving the call and another 10 after the call (to make notes)
  • Be honest with yourself and your client: Take time to prepare your space and mind
  • Make sure your client has the phone number you need to dial
  • Send a rest of the call with the necessary information, including phone number

During the things and know the things the client wants to work for

  • Remind the client that everything said during the session is confidential
  • Tell the customer the amount of time you have for the session and check Customer objectives
  • Ask your client to draw a picture of where they are: rather than computers, music, etc.
  • If you have a feeling of – Listening and questioning are a powerful tool to "see" your customer
  • Develop empathy – questioning and reflection reflection are tools that must be mastered
  • Understand how you communicate
  • Know what type of student is your customer: visual, auditory or kinesthetic
  • Adapt the language to its client's communication style
  • Trust through the session
  • Check the agreements and goals the client wants to achieve. Remember that a common goal in mind will ensure a good result
  • Stick to the agreed time. Preparation and setting time should not t be forgotten
  • If possible, record the call
  • SMS, chat, etc.

  • Share performance on the track with the customer
  • Record success
  • Spend some time to write the important things in the session
  • Ask the client to send an email agreements and targets
  • Customer: How to prepare?

    Before the call:

    • Sure know that your environment should not be altered
    • Telephone switch you are using
    • Your space should be comfortable training and quiet – nice comfortable chair
    • Clear your mind before you start preparing
    • Be honest with yourself and your coach: Take the time to prepare space call:

      • Tell your coach how you feel, only then can the coach to support your needs
      • Trust your coach and continue to build on their relationship
      • Keep deadlines agreed – call time
      • Commit only to things they will do
      • Do not drink alcohol before or during training session
      • Claim your coach to get ready and a good training environment

      After Call:

      • Take a few minutes to ground yourself and reflect on the session
      • Take notes if necessary
      • Plan Your actions

      Tools you can use to improve their (Phone) coaching services:

      Styles Learning

      People use different ways of learning and communicating. As a coach you need to know as much as possible about the learning styles. The Internet is full of tests, assessments can be used to help their clients understand how they learn, communicate and how they can improve their communication skills.

      When working with clients over the phone you lose part of their visual support. Knowing how your customers to communicate is being able to understand how he / she is focused and learn, then you can tailor your communication skills to provide better customer support.

      There are 3 basic ways people learn and communicate:

      1) Visual people need to see pictures or see it in writing. "Often see those people frantically taking notes this way, "or" I think I'm getting the picture. "

      2) hearing people learn by ear. People often hear the entire lectures or presentations without any notes. Usually, I ask: "How does this sound?" "Can we talk about this? "Or" Do you hear me? "

      3) people think kinaesthetic "I feel comfortable with that idea," or "Are you aware of that?"


      When coaching phone, make sure that the technology they are using is reliable and that you become familiar with your system before you start training. I say this because many times during my own training sessions things have gone terribly wrong.

      Today technology gives you a range of options:

      • Phone
      • Videophone
      • Skype, good for you. If you are good with technology can be complex systems the thing for you, but do not be tempted to purchase complicated systems if you think a simple phone with a headset is right for me. The Internet is full information about telephones and how to use.

        Try not to call using mobile (cellular phones) for training sessions as may have a lot of interference.


        You can use this system to interact with their customers and be seen. We will need the same system

        Skype, MSN

        The Internet is full of chat systems where you can see, write and speak with customers. Some allow recording sessions. These systems should be used with a computer, a headset or speakers and a microphone (not recommended due to the possibility of an echo) and that both parties need the same program and a user id.

        E-coaching services

        There are some companies that have developed software, where coach can communicate with the client through a training platform. This system is fairly new and offers many new possibilities. Be careful when buying the system as people have complained that they are not 100% secure.

        About the Author

        I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Both my parents are Dutch. I went to a Venezuelan school and then I went to England and U.S.A. to complete my studies.
        Through my work I had the fortune to live in countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Armenia, Italy, U.K. and The Netherlands. It has also, given me the chance to work in various countries in Asia and Africa and Central Eastern Europe and Russia.
        The languages I speak – Spanish, English and Dutch are my “mother” languages, Italian and French I learned along the way.

        I combine special training, coaching and project management skills with cultural awareness as well as a good command of 5 languages. I hyave a Masters in anthropology and is a PCC certified coach.
        As a certified coach, trainer, founder and president of the International Coach federation Chapter in The Netherlands, ICF-NL, she wants people to share, learn and grow.
        My passion is to work with: people who are leaders or want to become a leader and coaches who wish to improve their coaching and leadership skills.
        I am always looking to improve and /or expand my knowledge. Any comments or additions to my articles you can email me to:

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