Slim Pro Multi

Slim Pro Multi
ps2 trade in value?

i want to trade in my ps2 not slim at gamestop how much could i get for it it comes with a 8mb memory card and a AR max with scratches a multi tap 4 controllers one original (came with it) 1 mad catz dual force 2 pro 1 wireless clear controller bought at gamestop and 1 blue star wars controller, 15 demo games if you can trade them in? 15 real games witch are

lord of rings fellowship of ring and return of king
need for speed hot pursuit 2 and underground
grand theft auto san andreas
harry potter goblet of fire
ghost recon 2
nascar 06
jak 2
007 nightfire
nba street
madden 05
call of duty finest hour
the get away
chronicles of narnia lion witch wardrobe

I think about $130, although it is only a wild guess. Also depends on how old the PS2 is.

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