Slr Film Camera

Slr Film Camera

Nikon N80 Camera With Lens 28 80 35 mm

Capture every moment you have with your camera. Ensure that you get stunning photos with utmost precision. At the same time, you must not engage in an arduous task. It has features that make it easy for you the picture and at the same time, can get an overview of their own creative forces .- Nikon lens

Key Features
Nikon N80 film camera with a 35 mm 80 28 is almost similar to that of his close relatives N90s. However, it has some featuresthat make it a little different from previous. For example, N90s has a shutter speed of 30-1/800sec. On the other hand, N80 has a shutter speed 30-1/4000 sec. It can shoot 2.5 frames per second. N90s may, on the other hand, the capture of 4.1 frames per second. Otherwise, all functions are almost similar. Nikon 28 80 N80 35 mm SLR film camera type. It is possible with a zoom lens. It has 2 x 3V lithium batteries. It has both automatic and manual focus. Itis activated with the manual shooting modes, like aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual. It has a mirror lock. Also There are four ways of measuring light. It also has automatic exposure function .- Nikon lens

User aspects
Nikon N80 with 28 80 35 mm Film Camera is very compact and lightweight. It weighs only 515 grams, if you fall short, you can change the settings without even a glance at the camera in his eyes, and the keysmade and adjustments are easy to handle.

Want to know more
Nikon D80 with 35 mm film camera 80 28 comes with a red-eye reduction of choice. This feature causes the flash emits a burst of light before the photograph is taken, the pupil of your subject, not allowing more than the red appears constrained in the photo. READ MORE

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