Slr Photo Camera

Slr Photo Camera
I am starting to like taking artistic photos, what cheap but good first SLR/d-Slr Camera should i buy?

I am new to photography and at the moment I am just taking artistic and cool looking photos on my phone. I am looking for something more professional that takes better looking pictures but only leisure pictures. What is a good starting slr/D-slr camera which is cheap but still quite good?

Sony A200
Canon XTi
Nikon D40
Pentax K200D

Plus ones from Olympus and Sigma.

There is a world of difference between a DSLR and a camera phone – about the same as the plane the Wright Brothers flew and a modern jet airliner.

Expect a steep learning curve and a lot of time spent to READ & STUDY the Owner’s Manual for your new camera. A couple of classes in photography would be very helpful.

A company called The Magic Lantern offers instructional DVDs on most DSLR cameras. Buying one would be a major help.

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