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Smart Media Memory

Flash Memory

Flash memory comes in a large number of different formats for many different purposes. It can be used for everything from PDAs to cell phones, from holding the camera images of pen drives that let you take your documents more easily. The reason for the popularity of flash memory storage in a very small size and durability of the media. reports flash is better able to survive the fall, to be stepped on, or even having liquids splashed on it then film rolls and hard disks.

What type of flash memory are available?
The most popular types are: Compact Flash, Secure Digital and Sony Memory Stick Pro. Compact Flash is the most commonly used in cameras personal, and comes in sizes ranging from 32 MB to 8 GB. Have a 1 GB Compact Flash Card from the camera has become very common, which lets you take pictures all day without worrying about filling their card.Secure digital, or SD, is a small format more then Compact Flash, which makes it perfect for mobile phones and PDAs, where space is at a premium. At the same time, small cards can carry just about much data as the largest Compact Flash card. A 2GB Secure Digital Flash memory can cost less than $ 20, which allows high capacity storage for your PDA or phone cell.

Memory Stick Pro is used in both cameras and the PSP portable gaming system. This marks Sony's memory tends to cost a bit more than Compact Flash and Secure Digital per megabyte, but is owned in a number of Sony devices produced.
Finally, there are also USB flash drives available, ranging from 64 MB all the way up to 16 GB disk. A 1-GB drive can move data around more than a CD can, and can be written and rewritten over and over again.
So if you are looking for flash memory for your camera, Cell Phone, PDA or PSP, take a look at what we have to offer. We also have Smart Media, Multimedia and XD Picture Card available for you to browse through.

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