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How to take photos stars without a telescope

You do not need a telescope to take beautiful and even dramatic photos of the stars and sky night. You just need a camera and film. In this article I give you tips and techniques for taking great photos night sky.

There two basic types of photos of stars you can take. The first type is a snapshot with an exposure of less than 30 seconds. This type of image shows the fixed stars. The second type of image you can take is a star trail picture. If you leave your camera shutter open for a long period of time the stars will form long tracks on the picture across the sky. Both types are attractive and easy to make. In addition to simply taking pictures of the sky can add landscape features in the photograph. This tends to make the picture very dramatic and special appeal.

The equipment needed

• A camera that has the ability leave the shutter open for long periods of time. This feature is often called the bulb function. The camera must have either a B or T setting. This can be hard to find with the new Digital Cameras.

• A roll of high speed film – 800 speed film is good, but if you do not have easy access to 400 speed film of the film works quite well

• A camera tripod or other means to keep the camera very still

• A baseball hat or a piece of heavy dark cloth

How to take photos

1. Before leaving his film load in the camera and take a picture indoors. This sets the film properly so the developer can see the pictures

2. Bring all your outdoor equipment for at least half an hour before you intend to take pictures. This allows the Camera Lens to adapt to any temperature or humidity difference

3. Put your camera securely on a tripod

4. Hold the baseball cap or a piece of dark cloth over the lens of the camera heavy without touching the camera

5. Activate the shutter button so the shutter opens

6. The camera is now live and the film is ready to be exposed

7. Remove the hat or cloth and this starts the exposure

8. Count how long you want exposure to be – A good place to start would be with an exhibition ten seconds

9. Replace the hat or cloth so the lens is blocked once again

10. Close down the shutter release

That is the whole process of taking a photograph the night sky. We use baseball hat because activating the shutter on the camera cause vibrations that may distort the image delicate you are taking. Just the movement of pressing the button or the movement of the shutter moving can be enough to ruin the image and remove the dot sharpness stars.

You may wonder how to keep the shutter open without holding down the button. You can use one of several possible solutions. The first solution is something called a Shutter Release Cable. This is a cable that connects to the shutter button the camera. (Newer cameras do not have this option) Press button on the end of the cable and then lock in the open position of the shutter. The second solution is to use a rubber band or some other configuration effectively keep the shutter button. I used a rubber successfully on a 35mm camera base.

About the Exhibition lengths

You should take a notebook with you and keep track of exposure time for each picture you snap. This way you can judge that exposure worked better and when try again another night in your images will be improved. Remember to start by taking a picture of a family of objects so that the first image The table will be set correctly for the developer. Then take your night sky photos with different time intervals from 5 seconds. Then progress about 30 seconds and 1 minute firing shots.

Depending on what part of the sky is taking photos of once you arrive more than 30 seconds the stars start trace in the film. You can take exposures of several hours to get really long and attractive star trails. A minimum of 20 minutes to leave a detectable trace and attractive.

Improve your images Star

For the best photos of trying to get the darkest skies possible. Light pollution houses, streetlights of the city and other sources can clean up their image. You can also add earth bound objects in the image. Silhouettes of buildings trees or other land based objects under a starry sky can make a very attractive image. If you have a nearby object that you want in the picture but is very dark, but can shine a flashlight on it while the film is being exposed. This will illuminate the object with a soft glow but not ruin the image.

By bringing his film developers make sure you tell that I have taken photos of stars at night time and that all images must be developed and printed. At a minimum you should make a note of this in the envelope to put the film in. prevent the developer believe that any of the photos came out and not make any impressions.

Astro is the art of taking photos of night sky objects and there are plenty of opportunities for you to experiment in this art without a telescope. All you need is a simple camera 35 mm, some high speed film and a couple of hours under a dark sky.

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