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Sony Ericsson K850i Review – Good disappointing

The Cyber-shot camera phone has played an important role in the establishment of Sony Ericsson as a major player in the industry and each new model appears to be as anticipated as the last.

In the case of the K850i, the excitement surrounding the Court has been one of the most anticipated mobile phones ever, and considering that the first entry in Sony Ericsson in the 5MP range, its understandable how much is riding on the success the K850i. This makes some adjustments to the design of the K series known a little risky and frankly a little disconcerting in what is regarded as a flagship in its portfolio.

In size, the K850i is comparable to its predecessors, the K800i and K810i. These were not the smallest phones around and while the K850i is fractionally smaller measuring 102 x 48 x 17 mm, but is significantly heavier than the K810i weighing 118 grams (the K810i is the K800i 106g and 115g). To be but these numbers just do not contain the same level of features and intelligent design because K850i seems smaller. To give a fair comparison to need to be compared with its competitors, the LG Viewty (103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8mm and 112g) and the Nokia N82 (112 x 50.2 x 17.3mm, 114 g) and G800 (101 x 51 1 x 18.8mm and 134g). I have deliberately avoided comparisons with the N95 (both versions) as belonging to a different class and while the Samsung G600 is by far the smallest and lightest (101 x 47.8 x 14.9mm and 104g) 5MP camera phone, is not able to compete on other features, so again a comparison would be unfair. When measured against your competition, then it is physically one unit shorter and thinner, but lost in depth and weight. Personally I felt that the size was good and the weight of Lent strength, rather than a problem. However, this could be a problem for people with small hands.

In response to the growing demand for larger screens and larger, without making too big Sony Ericsson has used a pair of new solutions. The first solution is one of the most controversial aspects of the design of the K850i, the integration of the D-pad around the number 2 and 5 keys to allow excellent QVGA 2.2 "Screen. Placing such an integral part of controls in an unorthodox area was sure to lead to difficulties, particularly for those accustomed to a more traditional d-pad. The idea is, obviously, of course, people did not like the joystick approach, but a d-pad takes up too much space. Surprisingly, this positioning is not as uncomfortable as you can imagine and quickly get used to it, although I must confess that hard thin edges of the pad, necessary for this to work, are not more comfortable (although I did get used to them.) The main keyboard deserves a mention because it is another aspect of this phone certainly confusing divide opinion a little. The keys themselves do remind me a little of the W880i in the way they are very small and well separated, but I feel a bit uncomfortable when was used for the first time, as with the d-pad but you get used to it. Surprisingly, the rectangular D-pad does not get in the way as much as I first thought I would. The keys used are also completely different from the old SE phones. Removed the back "key has been replaced by the structure soft key described below. This can interfere with the die-hard Sony Ericsson purists, however, brings the phone's user interface in line with that of most other manufacturers.

The second solution and experience much more success are the soft keys below the screen. It is true that a direct scam the likes of Samsung and LG, the response and comments are very good that shows the Sony Ericsson have put some serious evidence on this subject, as obviously they have learned from the mistakes of its competitors. Despite having three keys instead of the usual two takes some getting used to, it actually works very well as the keys are context sensitive menus are very well thought out. In some respects, Sony Ericsson decided to go for a dramatic rethinking in terms of controls has been successful, especially through the quality of the screen, which is very clear and bright, although personally I still think that the T650 is its best yet.
The highlight of the K850i will obviously 5 megapixel camera, so it is fully deserving of some attention. The first thing out of the way is that, technically speaking at least, the K850i is the best equipped of most camera phones out there as it comes with an automatic lens cover and xenon flash for enhanced brightness, although ISO light sensitivity only goes up to ISO400, with other camera phones (like the Samsung G600) which increases ISO800.

In my personal opinion the image quality of the K850i is very good, but just not quite at the level of their capabilities would have many believe. The first snapshots are fine, but takes a little experiment with the settings to get decent shots at night (although once they are right the results are impressive, as the flash is excellent). To be sincere is very difficult to say if the camera of this phone is better than its competitors and found that most respondents have had similar problems. Technically is well balanced with its competitors and the results are very impressive, but the general opinion, not necessarily agree with the technical capacity and some technically less accurate images may be preferable. In general, this is reduced to personal opinion and I would say that this is not the winner excelled in their field, but not is the worst thing either. In general, depends on the type of shots you are taking and what you want the phone for as if they are truly concerned for photography then it would be using a camera phone anyway.

This model is being marketed as Sony Ericsson crowning glory, much of the same way as Nokia N95, but not really up to this billing completely. There are lots of other great features that have not been able to get into such a brief, as the great media software for navigation and music player, and improved menu system, phonebook fantastic and improved messaging software, but there are some unfortunate shortcomings. Chief among them is the slight disappointment that the characteristics of camera, although very good, are not sufficient to be a winner in the game camera, unlike its predecessors, the Sony Ericsson K750i and K800i. It is also poor video quality (compared to the rest of the camera is not terrible QVGA resolution at 30 fps) and the absence of Wi-Fi. Oh, and lest we forget, is a magnet fingerprinting.

Overall, the K850i is an excellent phone, but my opinion would be to get a feel for the K850i before actually committing. If the few negative points mentioned above will not cause too much of a problem, then the rest of the capabilities of the K850's will be very nice, but because stand above the crowd in the same way as their predecessors, which will divide a lot of opinions of people.

The Sony Ericsson K850i is available for purchase Contract and Pay As You Go.

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