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Learn about the effects of caffeine on your body

When you drink tea, coffee or soft drink, these drinks contain caffeine, which is absorbed by the stomach in just 45 minutes after drinking it. Then travel to all parts of the body, so it is not just your stomach that feels the effects of caffeine. Caffeine affects people in different ways. Some people say they can not have a drink with caffeine at night because they will find it difficult to reconcile sleep. Others say that a cup of coffee or tea before bedtime helps you fall asleep easily.

The amount of caffeine necessary to have an effect on the body varies from person to person. It depends on the person's body size and the degree of tolerance of the person has caffeine. Although it does not take much time for caffeine, a mild dose disappear in about three hours. Caffeine is seen as an ergogenic because it increases the amount of energy one has to work, either mental or physical. In studies of long-distance runners, the results showed that those who consumed drinks with caffeine were able to sustain the operation much longer than those who drank only water or juice.

Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Reduces fatigue and increases attention, which allows a person to focus on a better job, even when tired. Some of the other effects that caffeine has the body include increased heart rate, increasing the body's metabolic rate increased blood flow and increased respiratory rate.

When you drink beverages containing caffeine for a long period of time, your body develops a tolerance for it. This means that to achieve the same effect, to be eaten large doses of caffeine. Many people become addicted to it and can not go for any length of time without a cup of coffee or a soda. When you go without caffeine for a long period of time, the result can be headache, fatigue, irritability, depression and lack of concentration.

The amount of caffeine in coffee depends on the type of grain used in the preparation. Due to the growing addiction to caffeine, there are many flavors of coffee and decaffeinated drinks market non-alcoholic beverages not containing caffeine ant. Many prescription drugs contain caffeine, especially pain killers, which increases the ability of drugs required to perform the way it should.

In studies on caffeine consumption, the results have shown that consuming quantities moderate has no adverse effect on the cardiovascular system. It appears to increase the excretion of calcium, which bones need to be strong and healthy. This is very important in the prevention of osteoporosis in older people. Research has also shown no link between excessive caffeine consumption and cancer but the amounts of caffeine consumption has been linked to miscarriages and birth defects.

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