Soft Shutter Release

Soft Shutter Release

SMX-F34 Samsung – Good for online video sharing

It was very difficult to record videos in the past. However, the situation is different now. All the world is attracted to social networking sites like YouTube, Orkut, MySpace, Facebook, etc and put a lot of videos there. Camcorder companies are launching many of the latest pocket cameras. Now Samsung has also launched SMX-F34 Samsung has increased storage capacity and optical zoom the Flip camcorders.

The characteristics of target = "blank"> Samsung SMX-F34 are:

1. 16 GB of internal memory and slot SDHC Card

2. 34x zoom

3. Electronic Image Stabilization

However, Samsung still SMX-F34 has the following drawbacks:

1. No optical image stabilization

2. Baja Auto-focus


Samsung SMX-F34 has a shape that resembles a soda can. His Hand Strap is mounted in the center. The company has introduced grip swivel feature that lets you change capture the overlapping overhead while keeping your hands on the strap. The SMX-F34 comes in red, blue, silver and black colors. All camcorder body is composed of plastic.


You will find the mode button, shutter release and zoom rocker on top of target = "blank"> Samsung SMX-F34. So has the options for playback, photos and video. There is a door in the lower back, which includes input DC for power, mini-USB port and 3.5 A / V jack. You'll find a power button and spring as a record button on the right side cover making. The SDHC card slot and battery compartment is located behind the sliding door at the bottom. Three more buttons: Easy Q, LCD enhancer iCheck are located behind the LCD.

Observed Quality:

The video quality of Samsung SMX-F34 is good for its category. The video is smooth, but it look grainy film and interlace artifacts. Moreover, the low light performance is not good. The autofocus is slow in both bright and dim light. The colors and exposure are good, but the highlight seemed burned. The video quality is only good for online video sharing Web sites.

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