Sony Alpha

Sony Alpha
I need help with the picture settings for low light camera. I am using a Sony Alpha 200 digital?

I do not want to use a flash. I have been photographing live bands at the nightclub settings. Most of my pictures come out grainy and my subjects moving on stage appear blurred. I have the best of luck with the most high ISO and select the action set in my camera. This helps blurred vision, but the photos are very grainy and not sharp. Any suggestions?

You did not say what lens you are using, so I'm guessing its f3.5/5.6 18-70mm lens that came with the camera. While not a bad goal, but their suitable for low light without using flash. Conditions such as those requiring a fast lens to keep the ISO settings down while giving a faster shutter speed. I suggest buying a Minolta Maxxum 50mm f/1.4 lens .* A 50mm lens on the A200 will be a 75mm lens equivalent. How will that help? The F1.4 lens is 2 2 / 3 points faster than the 18-70mm at the end of 18 mm (f3.5) and 4 stops faster at the end of 70 mm (F5.6). Consider a hypothetical example just to see the importance of speed Lens: f/1.4 ISO 400 @ 1 / 125 sec. F3.5 @ ~ 1 / 20 sec. F5.6 @ 1 / 8 sec. ISO 800 f1.4 @ 1 / 250 sec. F3.5 @ ~ 1 / 40 sec. F5.6 @ 1 / 15 sec. ISO 1600 f/1.4 @ 1 / 500 sec. F3.5 @ ~ 1 / 80 itself. F5.6 @ 1 / 30 sec. As you can see easily, it's all about speed of the lens. You will be able to maintain its ISO on enhancing your image quality while maintaining a faster shutter speed. Another benefit of an F1.4 lens will be a brighter viewfinder that helps with the composition and the camera's autofocus. Of course, a focal length lens set is not as versatile as a zoom but you can do what when the zoom lenses did not exist – move closer or further away. "Wide angle better? Two steps back. Look for" ah-ha "the." Ernst Haas. When shooting, use the built in noise reduction program. Shot in aperture priority with the lens wide open and let the camera take care of shutter speed. * Each legacy Minolta Maxxum AF lens made since 1985 is compatible with its A200. I found a Minolta Maxxum 50mm f/1.4 in of 325.00 dollars in "as new" condition. KEH is a great seller's reputation online. Here are some of the popularity of other online vendors: of course, you can always try eBay. I saw a 50mm f/1.4 at a price of Buy It Now From $ 259.00 and one of each bid, currently $ 157.50.

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