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Sony Nikon Fuji

Simple discussion on the trend of consumer Digital Camera

consumer digital camera as an important part of consumer electronics enjoys almost half the volume of the digital camera market. What contributes its popularity are the consumers of Digital Cameras stylish colors and fashionable design, and gorgeous flowers, and facilitate the operation, which attract Electronic deeply "wholesale consumer> electronics and personal users.

If we take a general look at these digital cameras either consumer electronics wholesale company or brand like Sony, Samsung, Canon, Fuji, it is not easy to summarize the trend of consumer digital cameras, which lie mainly on the next trend.

Higher performance, more refined image quality

In recent years, several brands of cameras have increased the pixel digital. In 2008, Sony, Nikon, Samsung and other manufacturers have launched 10 million pixel digital camera consumers, pushing the quality of shooting an extraordinarily high level.

Sony T300 Take, for example, the 10 million plus 5x optical zoom Carl Zeiss do a combination T300 perfect. Sony has also launched an amazing camera 13.6 million consumers with high pixel digital is even higher than the entry level DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera.)

Today, one of the highest pixel digital consumer "> consumer digital camera – Kodak Z1485 has more than 14 mega pixels with affordable price.

In fact, the image quality high definition expresses the overall strength of consumer digital cameras. image processing plays a more important role. image processor can not only high quality improve the performance of consumer digital camera but also improving the quality of the image in the same time. For example, the new processor BIONZ image quickly to high resolution, reduce noise when shooting with high sensitivity, and improve the speed and accuracy of autofocus, auto exposure, balance Auto white, color reduction and other features. They all work together to improve the image quality to an extreme degree.

More powerful and more rich functionality, more comfortable shooting experience.

With the application of more advanced image processor, digital cameras nowadays consumers are able to provide even richer and more powerful photography features.

First, consumer digital cameras are designed firepower with high ISO. Some digital cameras consumer brand sensitivity up to ISO3200, others, even up to 6400 to reach the level of the Camera Slr.

Secondly, Anti-Shake technology has been basically popularized, so that even the camera consumer digital entry level user is able to capture clear photos.

Third, touch screen technology in consumer digital cameras has been developed. With screen models Touch increasingly common users may experience a more interactive menu system easy to use and enjoy the wonderful new show visual, auditory.

Higher level of face detection technology and Intelligent Scene Recognition technology to make shooting easier.

consumer digital camera does not fire, but when it detects the right side and a smile. A digital camera can capture different degrees of smiles outstanding automatically which facilitates the making of difficult to capture smiling now.

Striking modern design

A consumer digital camera, appearance Fashion is always the factor of attention from consumers about everything. Increasingly, digital camera manufactures and wholesale place more pressure on the mill in details such as unique coating designed to slip to effectively protect the lens and the exquisite art technology brushing the surface.

price affordable.

Technology makes it impossible possible targets to serve the people. More and more consumer electronics have taken a step in the family common. consumer digital camera is no exception. Given a desired quality digital camera high not a big deal now. Luckily, you will get more surprise if you buy a digital camera wholesale consumer electronics. Believe it or not, you will be satisfied with the sea on a competitive wholesale prices lower chambers one of the digital electronics outstanding Chinazrh wholesalers!

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