Split Image Focus

Split Image Focus
How does the 3D technology?

I have a little sense, I understand that dividing two images of the same object is focused in each of his eyes, which makes the 3D illusion. but do not understand the colored glasses?

The idea is that two images are projected onto the screen, with the intention that only one is seen by each eye. This is obviously a problem. The first solution, which works only for monochrome images, was to project an image through a filter green and the other through a red filter, and for viewers to use their green and red lenses, where the filter blocks the red green and red filter blocks the green image. It works, almost, but not for full-color images. The modern solution is projected through polarizing filters, polarizing filters to match the shows of viewers. This allows full-color images and a much more convincing in 3D.

Death Proof – Camera Scene

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52mm Bi-Focus (Split-Image) Filter  by Osawa NEW  #52801n2

52mm Bi-Focus (Split-Image) Filter by Osawa NEW #52801n2