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Stage Rubber Lens

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal is faster and less bulky and cheaper from today than any other hair removal system. With authorized trained technicians, and FDA and TGA approval, Pulse Light Hair Removal is the answer to skin soft and silky hair, free.

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is the most advanced and effective permanent process of hair reduction available.

Far superior to traditional methods of hair removal, intense pulse light hair removal using the latest technology efficiently and effectively remove all types of hair without damaging the surrounding tissue.

With little or no disruption to their normal daily routine intense pulse light hair removal is the ideal solution for reducing long lasting, permanent hair.

What is intense pulse light hair removal and how it works?

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal works by penetrating the epidermis or top layer of the skin with a specific wavelength of light that the objectives to reach the dermis below the hair follicle, where he lives.

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal a refrigerated lens cools the skin before, during and after the light pulse, which gives a slight prick or pinch, similar to a snap of a rubber band. Used in conjunction with our protective cold gel, any discomfort or reaction caused by intense light pulse Hair is further reduced.

Intense Pulse Light hair removal, also known as photo epilation, specifically targets the follicles during the growth stage, destroy, or severely limiting its regrowth capacity.

As at any given time different follicles may be dormant or active, Several treatments are required to effectively cover the treated area.

A highly advanced computer regulates the wavelength of light emitted by the Intense Pulse Light, administration of the correct exposure with certainty to any area, from many sectors, such as the back or legs, to the most delicate and sensitive of lips, and face.

Unlike traditional methods, Intense Pulse Light leaves the surface of the skin in good condition, it also enhances the body natural collagen production which in turn improves skin condition.

Traditional treatments have had limited effect in shades of hair More clear, however by combining treatment with Meladine to give the hair pigment, all hair colors can be treated safely with technology intense pulsed light hair removal.

Treatment times and exposure can vary depending on the area treated, hair color and pigmentation of the skin. Before treatment, all clients must have an initial pre-treatment to determine the right level of exposure for your skin type, and to prepare the skin for treatment after 24 hours.

Although the number of treatments required vary from one client to another, usually intense pulse light is a progressive hair removal process, increases hair reduction with each treatment you have, to ensure that you get the best results from the intense light pulse A minimum of four treatments at intervals of five weeks.

Your Image by Laser consultant will be happy to discuss with you your individual needs and needs and expectations and the results of the intense pulse light hair removal treatments.

For best results, it is imperative that once regrowth appears (Approximately 5 weeks after initial treatment) to be treated immediately.

Costs vary depending on the duration of treatment required and the size of the treatment area.

There are several important steps you can take to get the best possible outcome of intense pulse light hair removal period sessions.

a.) Avoid exposure to the sun by using SPF 30 + total block sunscreen for 4 weeks before treatment, and two weeks later, as melanin or skin pigment stimulation can reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

b.) The area to be treated should be shaving cream or 24 hours before treatment to hair to be in the ideal treatment duration of 1 mm.

c.) After an intense pulse light hair removal, keep the treated area clean and fresh, and minimize your exposure to the sun.

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