Stick Card Sony

Stick Card Sony
Is the Memory Stick Duo the only storage card I can use with a Sony Cyber-Shot?

I was thinking about the Sony Cyber-shot W170, but it only says you can store pics on a memory stick duo card. Are they not at all compatible with SD cards? And how do you get pics to a computer with one of these “sticks”? The label on the slot I use for my SD cards says “SD, MS/Pro, MMC, XD. Would I have to buy more equipment just to be able to transfer pics to my computer?

Yes. Sony is the only camera that uses Memory Sticks. Olympus has about the same problem, since they use xD cards.

The nearly industry standard SD / SDHC card are used by all the other P&S cameras and some of the entry level DSLR’s. Higher end DSLR’s and professional DSLR’s all use CF cards.

Notebook computers have card readers that will read Memory Sticks, xD and SD / SDHC cards. Desktop’s have these with CF card slots as well.

MMC is a variation on the SD card.

microsd can replace your M2 card