Super Digital Zoom

Super Digital Zoom

Canon SX110IS Digital Camera

I had the Canon SX110IS for nearly a calendar month, and I highly defensible. It's a little bigger, but hardly compensates with 10x zoom. It is not a Digital Slr, the camera comes with the role of a style full of non-automatic where you can determine the focus, openness and exposure time. The digital image stabilization does a good job of preventing blur too.

The feature that made me buy this camera is its image stabilization system. Friends who used professional Digital Cameras all assured me that the optical image Fees stabilized zoom system is the most serious of its price index. Due to a slow deterioration tremor, this has become a crucial issue.

Another rapid reporting element is the Digital Zoom, which is normally a gimmick is pretty impressive. In full 4x optical zoom and digital images remain crisp when using the fine "super" and 9MP settings. The digital zoom is surprisingly effective. Recently, I saw a game and my seat was really far away. Of that length, which was effective for taking pictures of the players at the club, which captured around facial features. I was still able to get all sorts of very decent photos players in action.

From a 10x optical zoom lens from Canon's advanced technology that automatically makes it the greatest shot, the SX110 IS 9.0 Megapixel has great respect.

Brilliant image quality for a small Camera Lens corner to corner sharpness, minimum color spread, and disturbance compensation details are well vs most other cameras in its range.

Three-Inch Lcd Screen with 230k resolution, standard specifications for next-generation cameras saved today. Visible from a large angle, bright and visible in terms of sun.

The LCD screen is bright and without problems under the sun. I will read the book and start playing with all the features.

The user interface of the software is out of date and sometimes unintuitive. Passing Auto ISO Shift automatically must not transfer the ISO, hoping the pressure of the "letter" after pushing the shutter half. Some of the features require a lot of button presses. In addition to auto-off mode only leaves the option to shutdown or three minutes, and retract lens reproduction system or 1 min, there should be no intermediate values.

The camera settings are easy to use, smooth and evenly to access. The setting is pretty stupid Auto test and does a good job in a species range of terms. I found the SX110 is decent, well done yet still small enough to fit laptop Carrying Case.

I never imagined I would buy anything then that a Nikon, but now I think this was one of the most hot buys I've made in a long time. Sets out its promises, creating pictures whose quality rivals those of much more expensive digital cameras.

I I would say that this camera is the best you can buy for a point and shoot before getting into the SLR like and true SLR.

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