Super Fish Eye

Super Fish Eye

Superfoods: Superfoods for a Super Long Life

Recent research shows that specific chemicals in foods – such as sulforaphane, a phytochemical in broccoli – work with genes to ratchet up natural defense systems of the body, helping to inactivate toxins and free radicals before it can do damage that causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, and premature, even aging.

And hope for the future is to tell someone what diseases or conditions that could be genetically predisposition to early, so you can focus your diet accordingly. We'll know what to add, which to avoid, and be able to take a proactive role in preventing or deterring a genetic disease. Meanwhile, many foods have been found to represent a contribution to the process aging.

Lycopene, the pigment that makes tomatoes red, also appears to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and consistency degeneration. It has also been associated in greater self-reliance of older adults. While fresh tomatoes have a good hit of lycopene, the most absorbable found in cooked tomato products like spaghetti sauce and soup and sauces. pink grapefruit, guava, red peppers, and watermelon are also rich in lycopene.

Eat at least two cups of orange fruits like sweet potatoes, pumpkins and carrots increases the intake of beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A, essential for healthy skin and eyes, and may also reduce the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Lutein and lycopene, also orange is in produce, also help reduce the risk of macular degeneration and may protect skin from sun damage and even reduce wrinkling as well. Mangos and melons are also provided with beta-carotene.

And if they do something to change your diet, eat your dark green leafy vegetables. They have been shown to significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and can also save your eyesight. Dietary guidelines recommend at least three cups of vegetables per week. Frozen or bagged is as good as fresh.

Do not forget the mental aging process either. The heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids have also recently been shown that keeping your brain acute. A recent study found that a high intake of fatty fish significantly reduced mental impairment. If fresh fish is not an option, go for canned tuna, salmon and sardines.

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