Charger Set Casio

Charger Set Casio
Digital Camera question….what would YOU do?

I have a Exilim 6.1 MP camera, I accidentally washed it in the washing machine, I discovered this, and dryed it out with a blow dryer, and let it set up for two weeks, then I bought a battery, It was a china made battery that only cost me a few bucks, after charging the battery, I put it in the camera, and turned it on, all functions work ok, but when I go to take a picture, it shuts off and says that the battery is low. The Casio NP-20 is supposedly a proprietary battery, I dont know. Should I buy the original battery to chance it, or just buy a new camera? Note: the charger never turns off while charging this battery, its supposed to go off after a full charge is achieved. What would you do?

if you spent soo much money investing in your camera, maybe it might pay to chance it and buy a new battery for your camera. Your camera sounds perfectly fine, I think it is just your battery pack. Suggest you go and buy the actual battery pack for your camera, and not a counterfeit battery pack! Your battery sounds faulty, that’s all!

Usually, if the camera will turn on, but the shutter will not open and the camera shuts down, it may be because the battery hasn’t got the power to operate the shutter or something!

If you really want to be sure and do not want to take any risks, maybe it might be suggestable you buy yourself a new camera and look out if the store offers a warranty for the camera, then if your new camera doesn’t work take it back and get a refund!

In the end, it’s your life, your money & your camera!
Don’t let Yahoo! Answers govern your life! It’s all up to you!