Aluminum Camera Case

Aluminum Camera Case

About Ir 747 Pro Infrared Flir Camera System

IR747 thermal imaging camera can be configured to operate in a wide variety of application such as Research and development, energy audits, condition monitoring, Predictive and preventive maintenance, surveillance and security, Homeland Defense HD, security FLIR imaging and thermal heat pattern profiling. The device is portable and can also be operated in stationary or portable modes. The key features which are prominent on this device are that this device has got a IR detector array, which provided crisp images without detector cooling, it also has Extremely high accuracy and stability ( 2°C or 2%) across the full screen and also Rugged inside and out with its sealed cast aluminum enclosure, 70G shock isolated optical core and user interchangeable viewer options. It Operates in the long wave IR region (8-12µm) providing accurate results, indoors or outdoors, regardless of weather.

The device IR747 pro infrared FLIR camera system offers to us a variety of infrared imaging functions such as Research and development, electronic & mfg applications, stationary security and surveillance applications in low or no light applications and Portable real time infrared imaging for various condition monitoring, military, security and preventive maintenance applications. It has got an LCD screen, a remote control panel, and an optional battery belt. It has a Field of view/min focus distance: 24°x18° built-in/0.5m with an Instantaneous field of view: 1.3 m Rad and the Thermal sensitivity: 0.1°C at 30°C. The INFRARED SENSOR SPECS are of type Uncooled Focal Plane Array (FPA), 320 x 240 pixels with 7.5 – 13 µm. Built-in atmospheric filters with cut-on at 7.5 µm.

The environmental specifications i.e. the Operating temperature range is 15°C to +45°C (5°F to +113°F), Storage temperature range is 40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +160°F), Encapsulation is IP 65 IEC 529 (Metal casing), Bump is Operational: 25g, IEC: 68-2-29, Vibration – Operational is 2g, IEC: 68-2-6. The device weighs 3.5kg (7.7 lb). The dimensions are 203mm x 121mm x 112mm (8″ x 4.75″ x 4.4″), Mounting is 2 x UNC .25″ on 3 sides and one .25″-20 on the bottom side and the power is 13.2V (11.5V – 16V), 13W. The Optics 12° Lens for which Field of view/min. focus distance is 12° x 8/2m

45° Lens and Field of view/min focus distance is 45×34/0.22m. It has a Plastic window for 24° lens and 12° which is called lens protective window, Remote Control which is a sealed control unit with 3m cable RS-232, SVHS and power breakout connectors

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Author- 7bInfrared Products The company is into thermal Infrared products and night vision equipment like night vision goggle, night vision binocular.infrared camera.

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