Sdhc Card Reader

Sdhc Card Reader

Memory card error parameters SDHC cards

SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity card is a flash memory that is available with the ability minimum of 4 GB. SDHC is the extension of the SD standard that aims to increase its storage capacity to 32GB. To achieve high storage capacity data SDHC cards use indifferent byte sectors facing those used in previous SD cards. These cards are considered more reliable and efficient cards SD. But as the errors do not always be ruled out, it may sometmes noted that the data stored on SDHC card is difficult to access and gives errors when trying to access him. This could happen if the card is damaged. To solve such problems, you will need to reformat the card and use the latest available backup to restore lost files and folders. However, if the backup data is found to be incomplete, damaged or missing, you should use powerful href = ""> photo recovery software that allows restoring lost pictures and other files digital media logically crashed.

For an example, consider inserting an SDHC card in a digital camera and can not read the card with the following error message:

"Error memory card. Memory card parameter error"

You can not access the stored data.


Below are possible reasons that could cause errors as above:

  • Faulty Card Reader

  • disk structure is damaged card


For the memory card parameter error ", you should use try follow these steps:

  • Try using a different card reader to read the card and therefore access to data
  • To fix errors Corruption card, you must reformat the card. Restore lost data and the use of backup.

Sometimes, backup fails to restore the desired files and folders, and that is not fully updated, is corrupted or not available currently. Use Digital Photo Recovery tool in such situations. Designed for use powerful analysis algorithms, these serve as Recovery Software Photo Recovery Tools valid for all types of digital lost files. These utilities provide the interactive user interface and, therefore, you can use without any technical knowledge prior use of such software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a powerful tool Digital Photo Recovery that is available for Windows (Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard, Tiger 10.4.x, Panther 10.3.9). It is a tool read-only interface with self-descriptive. The application is compatible with most of the camera, audio and video file formats. You can recover from all SD, MMC, SDHC, Compact Flash cards and more.

About the Author

Andrew Watson has 6 Years of Experience in the Software Technology researching with Stellar Info. System Ltd which offers image recovery software and data recovery NJ.

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