Purple Pouch Case

Purple Pouch Case

Deformities of the vagina

that can be felt above the symphysis pubis. If the uterus does not open, it can be felt as a hard structure in top of the cystic swelling. Retention of urine can occur because the bladder is pushed upwards with the uterus, which lengthens the urethra. Check often show that the patient has had abdominal pain each month, although there has been no external loss. Later, if the uterus or the tubes are becoming dis-tended, or if there is peritonitis, pain can b ~ serious. The diagnosis is obvious on inspection of the vulva, when the membrane that occludes bulging is seen, with a purple if it is thin. Digital rectal examination revealed a large "I tense, filled cylindrical pelvic inflammatory disease.,;

In similar strain newborns of the vagina, and sometimes the uterus and fallopian, there is a mucous fluid secreted by the cervix (hydrocolpos). An abdominal mass is large, with bulging membranes and urinary retention. Careful examination of the anal canal and the urinary tract is more important, as there may be other abnormalities defects.

In rarer cases in which the atresia is at a higher level, the diagnosis is

not so obvious. There is less distended attac vagina and abdominal pain may be the most prominent feature.

The obstruction may affect half of a double uterus and vagina and the increase of tumor that can cause considerable difficulty because the patient Diagn menstruating regularly from the other half of the tracks ge. Laparotomy may be necessary to reveal the full picture.


Haematocolpos treatment or hydrocolpos is simple. All you need is to establish drainage. This is best done by resection of the brane m, although the single incision is sufficient immediate stenosis occur later and dyspareunia result. The risk of infection is considerable and technology surgery must be thorough. Sho vaginal examination done when the membrane is removed. Content can be aspirated with a vacuum extractor, but it should be 'wiped sw out that easily could introduce infection. Antibiotic treatment should be started 24 hours before surgery and continued for 5 days afterw

If the stenosis is at the level of the cervix, it may be possible to open the channel through the dissection below. If the vagina is absent, an artificial vagina can be constructed (see below).

The remote prognosis in cases of haematocolpos is satisfactory if the strain is confined to the vagina. If the uterus and fallopian are bloating some patients become sterile as a result of the closure of the fimbriae in the tubes.

In the absence of vagina in the cases with total absence of the vagina is rare to find a uterus Ing functions. There is often a shallow depression at the site of the vaginal orifice. If the patient wishes to marry, or if the anomaly was discovered after intercourse attempts, then an operation for the cavity in the position of the vagina can be done.

Williams operation is a simple procedure in which the posterior edges of the labia majora are joined in a perineal bag midi. The artificial stock market works horiz a more normal direction of the vagina, but the results of the operation are 0


A more extensive operation is to McIndoe, in which a stuffed sp fascial space between the rectum behind and bl and urethra in the front. This cavity must be aligned with the skin or will shrink down. A graft partial skin (Thiersch graft) is cut from the thigh wrapped round a compressed foam mold plastic. The graft was ap. the mold surface so that the active basal skin graft dir outward into close contact with the walls of the cavity. mold is held in place with a few stitches at the introitus, and fiu used until all cavity surface is covered with living skin. foam expands to slight pressure until the graft has taken.

Another operation performed occasionally is that of Calvo


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