Card Jvc Everio

Card Jvc Everio

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How do I affix subtitles to a home video for free?
I am using Windows Movie Maker Vista and I don’t wanna chop all of the scene into little sections to do it.

How do i bring my video frmo my cam-corder, to nouns properly onto window movie author?
ok, so i have record every thing i want. i plug my camera into my computer and unfold up my sd_video file. when i take there it have, 4 folders, 3 are vids, i click on a vid then it wont nouns it.. i have a JVC everio camera

How do I bring the video from my camcorder onto my PC?
I plugged in the USBs….but what do i do from near? ahah. It’s Samsung.

How do i build video into a negative-like characteristic?
I wanna know how to make both nouns and video in a video into a negitive-like format. Heres an example of what i tight-fisted: Original video:… Negative like:… gratitude

How do i burn my HDVideos from my camera to DVD?
I have a Sony Hdr-HC7 lofty definition camcorder and i want to know how do I transfer and burn my hd recordings to a DVD near max capacity for level? Although i can use nero, vegas to capture from my camera but after that i don’t how to convert it to a apposite quality so it fits the dvd

How do i catch my Jazz Dv179 to work its webcam?
when ever i go and try to use my net cam on the jazz DV179 after i press he record/play button the computer just make two low sounds can any one help. please

How do i connect Sony handy camera to my computer ?
Recently i bought a new sony handy camera model no. DCR HC28E . how do i connect my device onto the computer.. i get a cable for connecting it to a tv and a usb cable but i can’t find any usb port in the device and i didn’t obtain any software cd. What should be done now. please comfort… thanx you rahul..

How do i convert .MOD files (my cameras non-attendance record type) to mpeg or avi or mov – is near a free converter?
My camera produces .MOD files but these are useless. I can put them through the program that comes with the camera which is call Cyberlink Power Director and export it as a mpeg or avi but it always loses characteristic and i want to keep my large quality. Once it’s be through that program, the video plays at about 1/3 of the peak size and you can see the pixels when you put it on full screen. On the inventive files, it plays at almost full screen by defaulting and if you make it full peak, there’s not a pixel in verbs. For .MOD files, you can change the extension on the conclusion to .mpg and it’ll work as an mpeg-2 file short any converting but the problem is, when i put it into Adobe Premiere, the clip becomes square (not much of a problem as i can resize it) and next the footage starts jumping adjectives over the place when you play it so that doesn’t work well. Does anybody know of a program that i can use to convert my footage from .MOD to .avi, .mpg or .mov next to either no or highly little loss.

How Do I Convert a Video clip and Quick Time movie to budge into a DVD player on a writable disc?
These are low res movies from a low spec Olympus 4MB Digital Camera. I want to give the clips to someone in need a computer. One lot is audio format PCM, video compression is PVMJPG data rate is 163kbps, frame rate10 frames/sec (not sure if stipulation this info) The other lot is Quick Time movie. There are no instructions with the camera. I hold tried simply copying to a CD and putting it surrounded by the DVD player – no good. Are in attendance any free conversion programmes out there, or is here some method that doesn’t need one?

How do I dictation video from Windows Movie Makerto a disc?
I’ve used CD-R, but it will not play back on DVD players. If I try to story on a DVD-R, my computer won’t record on it. How can I transcript an edited home video from Windows Movie Maker to a disc? And what type of disc?

How do I download and play video from my Sony Digital Handycam to my PC?
I have loaded the software, and tried everything, but my PC doesn’t see the USB port/Camcorder.

How do i download the pictures from my camera into my computer?
But ti’s not that i don’t know how to plug in my usb cable. it’s similar to this. I used to be able to plug my camera contained by and it would pop up asking if i wanted to download and such. but in a minute whe i turn it on the camera doesn’t even show it’s accessing it’s storage and it basically goes to picture taking mode =) so i’m becoming a bit frustrated. i judge it says i requirement to download the software for the item. what is that asking ? the cmaera is a Sony CyberShot Dsc-S700

How do I flip round video footage that’s be videoed wrong track round?
Ive taken video footage with my camera and I held it the wrong instrument up. Thought I would be able to translate it when I downloaded it to my computer but cant find any program that will do this for me……Is there a track to sort this problem Please…Want to give copies of video to friends and inherited but dont want them to see how stupid Ive been…..Thank you

How do i introduction video from a camera to my mac?
i just get a macbook for editing movies and pictures and i dont know how to get the video off my Sony HDV camera(it take a mini tape not DVD) i hold a USB cord for it, but i need anything recount me but, please help!

How do i introduction video from a dv camera minus its software?
when the autoplay window comes up, it basically says introduction pictures (in all the of the different apps) but none of the option are to import video.. is at hand a way around this?

How do i label video files smaller?
I have an olympus fe-190 camera. I pilfer video but anything thats more than 10 seconds long, i wont know how to upload to youtube cuz its too big. does anyone know how to make the files smaller, if even possible?

How do I nick stale date & time on picture from Sony DCR-SR42?
When I put footage on my tv from camera I can’t find a way to remove date & time from blind. I hate watching footage beside this on it.

How do I put subtitles onto a music video?
Im trying to have the lyrics show during the music video, for an english project…. any pointers you could offer me would be great!! Thnx

How do I put video clips on iMovie?
I burnt a compact disc from another computer (mac compatable) and i uploaded the cd onto my mac. Now, I cant figure out how to go and get the clips on imovie…any help?

How do I recover video’s from my Video Camera to Windows Vista?
I have this camcorder:… I only just bought a new laptop near Windows Vista, and I used to have XP. I enjoy a video I recorded onto a memory card from my camcorder and in a minute I want to upload it onto my laptop. I’ve tried plugging it into my USB port and just putting my memory card into my laptop but I don’t know how to liberate it to my laptop. After putting my memory card into my laptop I opened up MY COMPUTER, next I clicked on SD/MMC (F:) (the memory card) and then when I right clicked on the video, I sent it to MY DOCUMENTS and later dragged to to MY VIDEOS. I can play the video on my laptop, but when I try to publish the video on Window’s Movie Maker, it won’t work. Am I saving the video wrong, and it’s not publishing correctly? Or is at hand something else wrong?

How Do I Save Videos On My Computer From My Video Camera?
Can anyone tell me how to store my videos from my video camera to the computer? plz convey me! asap! so i can upload it on youtube

How do i seize footage stale my Mini Dvd Camcorder onto computer?
how do i like retrieve it to the harddrive and then approachable it with pinnacle or movie designer. someone please help.

How do i set video record by Dazzle Platinum Capture Card into Windows Movie Maker?
This is what i need support with (quick run thru)- I obligation to know how i can put my recorded video (from my Xbox 360) onto Windows Movie Maker.

How do I upload a video onto my computer from my Sony Dcr/Dvd camcorder.?
The exact type is a DCR-DVD610 NTSC. How do I upload it onto my computer? It has both a memory stick and dvds but when I play the dvds it won’t download. I use the USB cable to connect it but It here is no download section, it can download though. Use words an idiot resembling me will understand =P.

How do i upload video from my cassette playing camcorder(JVC GR-D27OU) to my computer? do i involve a firewire?
firewire cable?

How do I verbs (Vegas Rendered) video stern into a Mini DV cartridge?
Im going to need to put video that I edit posterior into Mini DV tapes ( not matching ones, new tapes).What format shold I render it ( I use Vegas 6) and what should I use to verbs the Video Back? I use a firewire cable to return with the video out from a Small Camera.

How do I verbs Hi-8 35mm footage, on to my Final Cut Pro?
I have a together bunch of these tapes, 35mm. And I want to cut them contained by Final cut. I don’t know how to get them on near. they are all analog 35 mm. So near is no usb or fire wire cable that I can connect to my camera. What do I do? gratitude guys.

How do i verbs my camcorder vids to my workstation?
i got a cannon camcorder and i wanna put the item i recorded on my laptop i have the usrb thingy cord but nil is happening please oblige..

How do I verbs picture footage from the Canon XL1S video camera to a imac for editing?
I have a Intel Core Duo iMac (the inspired model) with Final Cut Pro installed. Any give support to appreciated

How do i win my webcam hooked up?
for panasonic model PV-GS85. I read the manuel but it just confused me.. haha please helpp

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