Battery Fuji Finepix

Battery Fuji Finepix
Extending battery life on my camera?

I have a Fuji Finepix E900 and it seems to go through batteries so quickly. For example I went to Disneyland one day from 1pm-8pm and had to change the battery 3 times. Each time is 2 AA batteries. Does anyone know how to extend the battery life with this camera?

There is no way to “extend” the battery life per Se. However, if just purchasing rechargeable batteries, let them charge fully, with the older Ni Cad batteries, the first charge is important. This is not usually a problem for newer batteries though. If you use regular alkaline batteries, that is actually a good life for them!

If new to Digital Cameras, here is a battery set and charger that served me very well
EDIT: there is however the old wives tale of freezing batteries to extend their lives 🙂 i would not recommend it at all

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