Sdhc Memory Card

Sdhc Memory Card
is a micro sd memory card the same as a micro SDHC memory card?

i just brought a BlackBerry Curve for Nextel / Sprint, I was on ebay looking for a memory card and i would like to see me a lot of micro SDHC memory cards, but does not use Micro SD cards as my blackberry. are these cards are supported?

Bobby is correct. Something of note, if you have a card reader, some card readers are not compatible with micro SDHC, SD only. Anything above 2 GB is considered SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) Just keep that in mind if you plug your card into the card reader and does not work. Not sure if I may say this, but I saw Newegg had a lot to an 8 GB card reader and all $ 20, might check it out.

Kingston SDHC Memory Card Unbox

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