Lcd Kodak Easyshare

Lcd Kodak Easyshare
How to clean a Camera Lens and LCD screen?

Okay so I have a Kodak Easyshare c180 camera. So I was wondering how to clean the dad said use eye glass lens cleaner but I didn’t to be on the safe side. Also my LCD screen has little scratches and smudge marks. So what can I clean my LCD screen and lens with? Thanks for the help!


Sorry, but I don’t count the Geek Squad as “professionals” as they were unable to hook up a dvd player to the new plasma screen tv a friend of mine bought. I went over and did it in 5 minutes.

For my Compact Digital and Nikon Dslr equipment, I use a canned blower first to clean off loose surface dust. Then, I use distilled water (no chemicals) ON an inexpensive microfiber cloth. Never drop liquid on the lens itself, as there’s a chance it could get behind the front lens element or into the lens mechanism. I turn the cloth frequently so that each wipe is used with a fresh, clean surface.

As far as the scratches go, you can’t “clean” them off, but that’s an excellent reason to have clear adhesive screen protectors on. I use the protectors on my cellphone, compact cameras, and pda. On my dslr, I have a snap-on plastic protector.

Whatever you do, never clean the lens with a paper towel as they can be very abrasive and wear off the lens coating.

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