Fisheye Lens Fuji

Fisheye Lens Fuji
I want to buy a fisheye lens?

But I'm not sure if my camera can use. I just started using digital SLR cameras or are called, so I am a little confused. I have a Fuji S1000fd (10 MP, 12X optical zoom) and I wondered if I could even buy some kind of eye lens fish to use on my DSLR (my camera is considered a digital SLR, right?). If only fisheye lens is used in some digital SLR or you can extract I use it? No fish eyes are different sizes for different cameras? If a mine could be used, how much would it be and why he has a specific name? How much is it, where I can get it, etc. Thanks!

You have what is called a Bridge – the camera .. In this means that belongs to neither camp. It is not a true D-SLR or a release of n points. However, the image quality is not affected. There are screws on the lenses that can give a broader view that Most comprehensive set your camera. How a real eye EFX Tho fish can be hard. Most of any D-SLR cameras can take a true fisheye provided there is mounting camera lenses. fish eyes are usually expensive and some are purely astronomical in price. You can pay at least 4 to $ 5 hundred eyes of single fish and many times more for the real 180 'type. There are of course the imports of dubious quality and here you put your down payment and take your chances. The camera only with lenses that screw in front of the lens is there, and most likely also using adapter rings. Google – Fish Eye Lens – Or go to and do the same. Some screws aux lenses can start as low as $ 50 and up from there. Good luck Bob – Tucson

Fujifilm S5700 with fisheye

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