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Memory Card Flash

SDHC memory cards – which are and how they work?

Like the SD memory card standard, SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity or SD 2.0) cards memory is a flash-based digital storage device. The difference is that they allow for capacities greater than 2.0 GB, as well as a variety of speed ratings class.

SDHC memory cards only work in SDHC compatible devices and are a relatively new technology, so check your computer first before buying. If you do not have an older device, you will most likely work with the Secure Digital High Capacity platform. However, if you own a camera SDHC support, phone, voice recorder, DVD, or Video Camera – you can use both SDHC format upgrade and the old standard SD memory card.

There are three SDHC speed classes – Class 2, 4 and 6, and ensure data write speeds of 2, 4 and 6 MB per second. These kinds of speed can be extremely important for photographers who need to get a lot of photos in seconds and can not afford to wait for your memory cards to keep day and cameramen who want to be able to capture large files with superior quality.

Other benefits also include the ability to move easily large files, in the absence of a network, at a reasonable speed and in a medium that is reusable. Unlike the DVD recordable or CD-R (recordable including discs) memory cards have a life span much longer product to thousands of cycles and can transfer data more affordable and sustainable.

Due to the High Capacity Secure Digital Card storage system using a different memory and data structures, which theoretically will be able to reach the capacity storage of up to 2 terabytes – that's a little more than two thousand gigabytes. There is a downside to the massive storage capacity in a device so small and the risk physical loss. With the ability to store large quantities, users are less likely to dump their data on a regular basis. As the cards are so small can easily be misplaced or, although unlikely, could cause a malfunction a damaging loss of data. Just as important to back up hard disk data, it is crucial to support SDHC cards.

In general, the new Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards are a huge improvement in the standard SD however, are not compatible with devices that are not SDHC, including the readers, and massive storage capacity can increase the impact of data loss.

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