Hand Strap Pentax

Hand Strap Pentax

Problems and Adventure Photography Tips

Adventure photography is one of my hobbies as a photographer. Taking photo in the forest ranges and mountains Adventure photography from what I know is very abusive and dangerous for their cameras.

Here are some of the topics and tips you need to know and be aware to minimize damage to their cameras for the adventure of photography

Sweat – from your head to the arm and ran to her side and will surely find their way into the camera. Be sure to wear gloves, this will prevent the sweat run directly into the camera. This will help protect the hand and fingers sharp edges.

Tripod – Bring the lighter tripod. Many times when we do not bring with us our own, the moonlit landscape made us fight in search of rocks, stones, stumps and trees to put our long exposures.

Lens and a lens drive – Bring two good lenses and a "slow walk" 17-85mm (or as a fixed aperture width F / 2 and 70-200mm with a fixed aperture (F / 4). Forest is the place of dreadful nightfall and you need a fast lens F / 2. Lens Trek is the lens that can walk the trail and zoom lens ranging from 18 to 250 or 28 to 300.

Camera Battery – 1 day seen in the forest during his adventure photography. If this is your first experience in photography shooting adventure that everything that we have not seen before. If your SLR can take AA, bring more. Proof of consumption SLR energy rate is important.

Cold drains Batteries – If you are a long shot of the mountainous region, is expected to run out of battery charge 50% in 3 or 4 hours doing nothing. Make shure to keep the cooling coil.

Memory card at least 4 GB – You can be shooting and taking pictures as something 4GB – 6 GB per day and carry a portable storage device. Separate your blank memory card and its container in your pocket and full memory card in your wallet. Your camera LCD says you have 15 shots remaining, obviously replace the card.

RAW format – Shoot raw instead of TIFF or DNG, CRW for Canon, Nikon NEF for cameras and the FEM for Pentax. Some definitions have been lost during the conversion in any other format. RAW saves everything he saw. RAW format is probably the dominant post-processing. It allows you to manage more of the images.

Vest and Cargo Pants – For outdoor photographers. His vest is ideal for keeping things as blank memory cards, filters and spare parts. I recommend waterproof jacket with pockets and mesh ventilation. It keeps the camera and slip the straps of her Shoulder Bag.

Swiss Army knife – Get the one with the longest blade. A 4 inch sharp blade can shave a young coconut faster a machete. Make sure you have one of you at all.

light dark night – On the light, you can use to start a campfire or cook something when you lose or stranded in the forest / jungle for adventure photography.

Compass / Map / GPS – the study of forest are hiking. Remember benchmarks on the ground in relation to the compass heading. For the GPS, get the kind that can read signals inside. Most portable GPS devices are useless in the Forest and need to find an open window.

Tent – You need a waterproof and wind resistant tent. Two tents Man is sufficient for you and your things.

Backpack – everything was very important first need in this bag, 50 liters will do. You could get larger as a backpack 70 liters, but the bigger the bag, you may end up with a broken back or a slipped disc.

Adventure Photography teaches to be good and damning of his own works in almost all the photographs of others, such as Portrait, street, architecture, landscape, macro, action, sports, etc. .. you have to work with that is available.

Together with their camera crews, the most important factor is your health and fitness. Being physically fit and healthy, you enjoy your adventure picture that goes with it.

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