Filter Cpl Lens

Filter Cpl Lens

A guide on how to shoot fireworks

They command respect and admiration. They create fear and excitement. Fireworks light up the sky Night in Independence Day and have become as much a part of the July 4 ritual as American flags and cookouts.

There are sometimes misleading and incomplete information on the web about the technique of shooting fireworks.

For a long time, I had no idea how to shoot fireworks at all … It completely escaped me, sometimes I could get good shots and sometimes poorly.

Later in the day I went to shoot fireworks, I ~ Account! He had done everything wrong in the past, unlike any other still photo or action, you have to shoot the fireworks as ~ flash photography!

Because fireworks are a path through a small light source that spreads across the sky. This means simply shutter speeds NOT matter as long as you keep the shutter speed above 1/2sec that since this small moving light source that paints Each journey will move away from an area of the image to another in that amount of time.

How can we control the exposure of fireworks and their ways? Can only be controlled by limiting the amount of light entering the lens and the sensor. In terms of digital cameras, you can control exposure fireworks and his trail using:

Opening – works to limit the amount of light entering the lens at a given time

ISO – works, making the sensor more or less sensitive to light

Filters – Neutral Density or CPLs both work by reducing the total amount of light entering the lens

And in practical terms, we can only guess how what kind of exposure you needed for a particular fireworks, as the viewing distance from the screen, atmospheric haze and the kind of fireworks display but vary show a good starting point is around ISO100, f/22 or f/16 is about 500 meters to 1 km of fireworks have been fired but shows the need ISO50 yf/16.

What is shutter speed? It's for background exposure. Or more specifically, Stiller "parts of an image in most cases, the exposure of buildings, etc in the image that is critical "to a" link of the image in the real world.

So … meters deep and remember the time of exposure or shutter speed for proper exposure necessary background in ISO and aperture you think you want used for that shoot.

As a starting point in most of the night scenes, ISO100, f/22 or f/16 10secs to 30secs should have a decent exposure, but as always, everything depends on the location and the effect you are trying to achieve.

So what do you do with the smoke? Treat smoke as if it were indeed one of the parts of the image but keep in mind that most of the explosions of fireworks, the more "smoke" you get in the image. How to avoid? Shoot at the beginning of the screen and pray to God I believe in.

I heard people use lenses to block blackcards for release of fireworks, what they do and how are they used?

Blackcards are fireworks to make her look sharp and to select the patterns you want to "paint" in the image.

If you leave your lens to capture all wobbly movements of the trails in the sky, do you think they had never penetrating gaze? Therefore, blackcards is best to use to take snapshots of the trails, making the image sharper overall look which is especially important during "Explosion."

2nd blackcard The use of a block is for employers who do not want on a screen. If you have too many pictures of fireworks stacked on each other in the same area of an image, you will receive massive overexposure of these areas and the image will become very messy.

But be in mind that once you decide to use the blackcard, its effective "decreases Shutterspeed" as not to allow any light to reach the lens when a block blackcard, ruining his background exposure.

I hear people use the focus mode to shoot fireworks, why? In combination with blackcard, BULB allows maximum creative control.

FOCUS is useful as we as photographers often have no idea how the fireworks will go, that pop up when and where.

Thus, together with the blackcard and we count the actual exposure time, you can get only the patterns that we in one image and accurate background exposure we want as well.

About the Author

Las Vegas PhotographerJasper Ferrer started his photography at the age of 19, He lives in Las Vegas and anywhere he goes, he brings his camera and start taking event pictures. Visit his blog at Las Vegas Photography for updates. Check out his Las Vegas Commercial Photography featuring food, architecture, advertising and trade-show portraits.

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