Protector Nikon

Protector Nikon
Whats the proper way to install a Lcd Screen Protector? I purchased one and I get bubbles/smears, looks awful?

The camera in question is a Nikon S50 with the 3inch LCd. I purchased a screen protector, installed it three times ( washable/re-usable) and even tried using a credit card to flatten out the air bubbles. Whats the professional way to install??

Do you mean the Nikon D50? I just got one and installed a stick-on protector that I’d trimmed from my old PDA.

1. (secret) Cool the protective film in the refrigerator for a few hours to cool it down and to make the adhesive less sticky when you install it.
2. Wash your hands with soap & water, drying carefully. Oil from your skin will mess up the installation.
3. Peel back just a corner of the clear plastic with your fingernail.
4. Dampen your screen with a little distilled or filtered water.
5. Pull a small area from one edge of the protector.
6. Align one sticky edge of the plastic film with your LCD screen.
7. Pull the plastic along the LCD screen, removing the backing, s l o w l y….
8. Use a plastic credit card to smooth out any bubbles. (the water helps keep the plastic from sticking too soon.
9. Smooth out imperfections with fingertips and credit cards.
10. Dry the excess moisture with a soft cloth.
11. You may still rub out wrinkles and bubbles with your fingers for a while until the adhesive warms up.

Hope this helps.

430 Filter Screen Protector For Nikon D200 Digital Camera[wismencoder Encoded].avi