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Video Recorder

Spice Up Your Home Security Systems With The Best 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder

If you want to drastically improve the quality of the surveillance video of your home security system, pair your computer with a digital video recording device. With all the DVRs out today, it is important to get one that would suit your needs. Here are a few matters to consider.

Number of Surveillance Channels

You may have to ask yourself this: “How many channels do I need to monitor?” The number of surveillance channels of your home security system will really trim down your choices. If you want webcams over your living room, kitchen, the master bedroom, and the kids’ bedroom, you should get a 4 channel Digital Video Recorder. If you want to monitor more than 4 rooms in your home, you have to get a DVR which can support more than 4 channels. To be sure, consult with a professional for the right specs to get your security system running.

Make Sure That Your DVR Has Lots Of Disk Space

The more channels that you have for your security system, the greater disk space you will need. You will feel really secure if your DVR can at least save a night’s worth of video surveillance. You might be thinking of buying a DVR with loads and loads of disk space. Keep in mind that machines with large storage capacities are considerably very expensive. So make sure to get a machine that answers your video storage needs.

Optical Drive Support

It would be good if your DVR can burn your surveillance videos unto a CD or a DVD to free up some disk space. When you buy your 4 channel digital video recorder, for example, ask the techies at the computer or electronics shop if the machine can support CD and DVD writers. It also would be great if you can add more hard drives to the DVR.

Features and Add-Ons

Above it all, you have to know if you can easily operate your 4 channel digital video recorder. With a professional’s help, you should buy a very user-friendly and intuitive machine with great security features such as motion detection, colored coded video bars, high quality video recording and playback, and remote viewing. If you need a 4 channel digital video recorder, look for a machine that does not need mad computer skills to operate even the most basic of functions.

Look At The Price

The best machines and electronic devices do not come cheap, especially those that come with great features and 24/7 customer support. If you can afford the expensive machines, go for it. For sure, a pricier 4 channel digital recorder works so much well than affordable ones. Indeed, you have to shell out the dough to get your system running, but the promise of having a very secure home is really worth the price.

Having the right 4 channel digital video recorder for your home security system means two things: you are getting your money’s worth, and you are sure that your kids are always safe at home.

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