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Shake Free

Lyrics Magic Tricks – The instant knot

Here is another trick of magic from Scotland to entertain friends and family. This quick trick seems impossible but it is very easy to do.

How do the trick appears to the Court

The magician pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and holds it one in their right hand corner. Lift the bottom of the handkerchief with his left hand and places it next to the corner and is on his right hand. Then edit the corner with a quick motion. After a few shakes a knot at the bottom of the scarf! The knot is real and can be triggered by an audience member.

How do the trick is Done

Take a tissue and an overhand knot about an inch from a corner.

When ready to do the trick, reach into your pocket with your right hand and take hold of the corner nodes on the fingers of the right, then pull the handkerchief from his pocket.

Hold the handkerchief in his right fist with the knot hidden in his fingers and inch above the knot handkerchief protruding from the top of your fist.

Your hand is carried out for the thumb and index are at the top and her little finger toward the ground.

With his left hand, point to the bottom the unleashed and then take that corner and place it between your thumb and index finger of his right hand.

Place your right thumb and first finger now have the corner and the corner knots untied. The other fingers of the right hand curl naturally around the node, hiding it from view.

Now give her a quick shake down and the release of the corner untied.

Do this a few times.

However, the last time you do, you have unleashed on the end with the thumb and first finger and release the knotted end.

What he has done is to change the corners of the scarf under the shake down.

If you try to to shake the last exactly like the previous shake, then nobody will notice this. The pace and action must match perfectly.

Give the handkerchief someone and to examine them and untie the knot.

They will be baffled by this quick trick, shortly.

About the Author

Michael Breck is a professional Magician and Entertainment Agent in Scotland.
He has been entertaining at weddings and booking entertainment for weddings for over twenty years.
For more ideas about wedding entertainment go to Entertainment For Weddings and Events or Magician For Weddings and Events in Scotland.

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