Black Hard Eva

Black Hard Eva

Grants and case law in domestic violence


My grandmother was on her way to Jamaica Hospital in Far Rockaway, when I found Myasia my older sister. It was cold that day in November. Our grandmother was a very active woman fearful of God which was in good shape for its age. He was a 5'7 even, and weighed 140 pounds, but looked more than 120 pounds because she was young. With long hair and bright gray color that I had to settle with the hot comb at least every week looked relaxed pace through the eyes. But for those of us who knew her knew otherwise. She loved children so much that if I saw you at the corner store and not have enough money to buy food, then she would give her last dollar or put it on your credit card. It was just a good heart. She was going to see me enter the world she was on the train A.
It was two o'clock in the afternoon, but the train was empty except for the grandmother, we called Nana, a young couple, an old white man and a girl and her baby. She kept crying and my grandmother soon why. She looked about fourteen, mixed, perhaps black and Puerto Rican, she kept writing something on some paper. Then when the train doors opened at the last stop placed Myasia on the seat beside him along with the note and bolted off the train when the doors were closing.
"Miss" the boy said afterwards, "but it was too late she was gone. "That's so said the old white man, he said." Shaking his head.
"If we tell the transport company rail about this? "Asked the girl.
"No" Nana said. "I'll take care of it." She did not want his mother to go to jail.
No objection was gathered Nana realize that I still had a onesie and booties outside Mary Immaculate Hospital Av. Nana got off at the last Mott ave stop., and he went to a nearby baby shop and bought two snowsuits newborn a matching pink dresses few. She took a taxi instead of taking a bus the rest of the road. From Nana found that mother was pregnant she knew she was a child. She read the note on the road.
Sorry bout this, but it is not I have no choice. Mother would kill me if I eva discovered about this baby. I have to start high school next year, I have no money, no job, even my boyfriend left me when he saw me gain some weight. She does not need mom like me who need Betta .. My name is Asia. She is so pretty. Who eva get this to say that I love and did what I had to do to help. Please take care of myself Asia.
Nana only one star in the last two words in the letter until she left the cabin. I Asia, nana knew I wanted to say my Asia. Making good time, came to the maternity ward in time, my shoulders out of the womb. It and Myasia was right there and saw another soul come into the world. Nana said he was there in shock for a few seconds.
When Mom was awake I was not sure what had happened. Mom was beautiful 5'6, 129 pounds, and wore her hair in the extensions (braids) in the hair all the time. She was the color of the mahogany. After she gave birth, was removed for a few "Do not tell me I had twins," Mom says Nana.
"No, Chile had only a youngin '. "" This here is Myasia. "Nana said.
"Well, whose baby is that then? Mom asked.
"Mines Shelly now. "Nana said.
"Now mom, you can not take any of Chile, as old as you are." "Where did you get from it is a doll? "Mom joked.
Do not say another word Nana gave him the letter, and once she was finished, I could not stop mourn. Nana either. Knowing how much my mother had tried to conceive before being blessed with me. Mom asked to celebrate her two beautiful babies and as she named Lynasia. Once the other nurses came in the night the nurse came with a form for a baby to request a birth certificate. Nana and Mom just asked Where was Myasia. Not even pay attention only to the nurse went to look for another way for her to complete. And just as she was an officer .***
Dad even know what had really gone up many years after what happened at the hospital safely and then had twin daughters who loved too expensive to split growing up. "Who loves daddy more?" Always ask the two of us. Whenever you argue about who he wanted more, but the truth was that we both loved it equally. He was tall and weighing 220 pounds a good, 6'0'', was bald, with a thin goatee. We want to fight thus he came to sit beside him on the couch watching television. We both loved mama too we were 'Mom and Dad Nana girls never Myasia lied to about our family. I remember when I first told her she was not really family, when we were both old enough to understand.
"Myasia" Mom called her.
"Mom, let me finish my turn," he said.
"Now." Mom said.
Not wanting to get a cable extension to hide that he was running. I was at home cleaning the bathroom and finish my homework on Saturday, when I heard mom call in front the building where we lived to Myasia.
"Come, sit here." Mama said.
"Yes Mom?" Myasia he said.
"Mom loves you. "She said she had ten years. And a great understanding for our times.
Mom did not know how to say it for her to leave Myasia read the letter he wrote his mother. Mom was surprised when she looked sad, and now mom did not know what Dad told us that a year ago and explained everything. But Mom he said, and that made her feel as if your family tried to prevent his own mother. Often we think of Spanish women in the neighborhood. He wondered what would have been if his mother would have just kept it.
To this day I wonder why he told his mom to read that letter. Mom had to realize the questions she asked. "Mom, why do you have to use the hot comb hair Lynasias aon '?" Myasia ask. "Because her hair is not like yours would you say to her. "It would be stupid not to realize that was different from the rest of us. I was the same complexion mom, but for not to be too high for myself. I took after mom and had a small body. I could eat enough food that could fill a grown man and still not gain a pound. Myasia Now it seemed a teenager who already had jet black hair curliest had ever seen, she was already 5'6, and continues to grow became increasingly higher, and larger waist mom. Mom still bought all the clothes of the children's section outside the cookies.
"I know Mom, I can play again now please? "Was his only response.
"Yes." Mom said she was here if I needed to know something else.
Mom was happy, but little did she know that was the worst day of life Myasias. She was always on the honor roll at school, never fought at school, even the kids really looked. Until then, see before Mama said something that could act as if she never noticed the changes in your body I was not going through his twin sister that I was not experiencing. I was the one angry mom all the time. I would not do the work in school more often because I was bored, like she never showed it only Myasia. Nana was always at home and helped with homework after school. She showed us how to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and the script all in the same year so we had an opinion for a few years. Buzzer was a Thursday night, when mom left she knew something was wrong, it was used only for emergencies.

"Buzz …. Buzz … Buzz." He was our teacher Mrs Robinson mom because she knew the number called to say how I broke the class that week. How could I have forgotten that Myasia had got caught in the middle of printing of Mrs. Robinson, who is six months pregnant at the time. had walked out of class, probably to go throw up again when he took a basketball Myasia classmates out of the closet and put it under his shirt. Ms. Walker from another class came in and told her. Now mom was angry with her, got Myasia wippin the first 'he had ever seen her. She was good until then. What nobody knew was that it was the middle of their problems. ***

Once we got to high school, he went after the captain of the cheerleading man teams, the first week of school. Yes it was nice, but that's all anyone did was admire him from afar. He was tall dark and handsome, with skin softer than any of us had ever seen, "Lynasia, Vicente peep you?" He asked after the first day of school.
"How could I have missed when it was time to lower the duties was talking bout him. "I told her.
"Yeah, well I have a plan." she said with a smile from ear to ear.
"And what does that pose to mean that? "I ask.
"You'll see baby sis, you'll see, get some sleep now that we have a great week ahead." Was all I said. ***

The next day wearing a tight jeans skirt and no stockings, a white body suit and black some all leather fifty-four (Reebok) to school. Even put your hair and let it flow (Which he never did) so natural.
"Myasia Hello."
"What's up Myasia?"
"Hey twins."
That was all I could hear on the road between classroom all the children of our old elementary school. "Hey," was all I said again. As I walked through the halls. By the end of the day everyone knew his name, including Vincent, and his girlfriend Felicia second grade. To the next day on the playground during recess jumped double Dutch, casually bouncing her 34 DD breasts mother had worked hard to keep hidden by purchasing their loose shirts and sweatshirts. That night I tried to dissuade her from what she had up his sleeve. It did not work.
"Myasia, you sure know what you do? "I asked again and again.
"I have this system," he said.
Thursday walked to Vicente and handed him a note saying simply: "I have some fruit for you. . . I hope you like cherries. With that said it did not show up in gym class, while eating pussy in the back stairway, and maintain the essence of his promise to let you pop your cherry too.
By Friday, I came to school with petroleum jelly and strawberry box ready to fight with my sister for taking some chicks man from under his nose.
"Myasia bitch." Felicia told her after school, outside school with a group of his friends.
"What?" "I do not hate me cause you did not know what to do with that black woman ass of yours … Oops that the mines now." She joked Felicia does not care that they were out numbered.
"Smack" which hit in the face after the comment Myasia smart.
That was the only he got hit enter, Myasia broke through its windmill 'with a coin with two to the nose. I had no idea that when we were at home dad to play fight and box when Nana was sleeping, and Mom was at work. She tried to pull her hair, but I had stuck to her during lunch at the most I tight chignon. Myasia was too quick for her to strike. She landed some blows to his arms, but it was like hitting a bear with a baseball bat. You may try to hurt him, but in the end all you are doing is the craziest doing. Feeling a loss of his friends tried to jump, but I was so to it to remember what Dad had taught us "when you get a jump always go for the biggest drop in the bunch and then the rest will back off. "I used to always tell us. So I took only the biggest and strongest one in the throat.
"Oh shit" I heard say to her friend as she gasped for air.
"OoouucHHHH" tried to shout aloud.
"We will fight them Shae-Shawnna. another friend of Felicia he said.
"Break it up" I heard a man say as he pulled out of Felicia Myasia.
"Yall" should not be here fighting for very "Told us all when we gather our bags and left to go home.
"I, who saw took her after she hit me?" Myasia I asked when we were walking to our building.
"Yes, you got her …. good that has taught you that. "I said will be considered for all their combat skills.
"I'm happy we did not have to use box cutters though." I told him I did not like what he had done, but she was my sister and I did not leave his fight to fend for itself around a group of wolves. Besides all you have to do is tell Dad later that night is "I was jumped and she helped me," Dad and he would beat my ass. Then you say to mom and she would beat my ass again. Then she called nana and she would beat my ass. Nobody would have cared what it was and why we were fighting to begin. The rule was that if a fight then let them shoot the fair one. As long as they do not get jumped, then everyone fights. Or the one who leaves his sister received a beating from the will has to feel the same thing Once I got home. ***
The following Monday our phone rang around 5 pm "RRRIIINNGG, RRRIIIINNGG, RRRIIINNGG, RRRIIINNGG."
I heard the telephone in our room.
"I'll get that" I shouted at the nanny figuring that it was for one of us anyway.
"Hello?" I said into the receiver.
"Hi, this is to inform you that your son ………. ………." Myasia hung up once I heard the automated voice say Myasia.
"Girl, who was called home to say you did not go to school today." I said.
"You know what to do." knowing exactly what was speaking, it was just gettin started .***
In high school, other than Cuttin 'class was having unprotected sex especially smoking marijuana, and what I found out later he was using drugs too. Through the years, never ceased to be close with me until our birthday party XIX of our friend and cousin Belinda Tyleek Maryland brought there. From outside, it appeared that the average man, who wore gold teeth top and bottom, yellow with very high red hair, brown it was so straight that it seemed that direct relaxant used a bone in it. He was 6'2 and was taller than Dad. He was a cute kid I was a sweet talker with the gift of jab.
"I cousin. Which Theera Dominican Shawty dat rite?" Belinda said to loud music. "Who? Oh … Myasia mean, she not black Dominican. And she is and part of Lynasia. "Belinda said." Come on I'll do the introduction. "He told her. After its came to where we were cutting the cake and sang louder than Stevie Wonder.
Birthdays Happy Birthday to ya … Happy. " was most Myasia serenade. Once done with his own version to everyone laughed and applauded.
"Myasia, Lynasia, this is my cousin Tyleek. Belinda told us. And then there was just goo-goo eyes between the two of them. "Lynasia, I'm in love." Myasia I said a little over a week to meet Tyleek. "Enough to take everything slow, you never know today what peoples intentions are. "I warned her. Call it intuition, but it was just twins did not feel it. Well, that was in one ear and out the other. He treats me better than any other guy I've known before him. "She said to me from the seventh heaven. "I hope he does big sister." Was what I said to her. Drink After that I see less and less, and we share the same room. Comer, sleep, and shit. Was everything I did at home. Then he stopped doing that.
Once he learned new Myasias Tyleek 'bad habits prayed in it. He kept his high on the grass, and she began snorting cocaine. I suddenly realized how he could afford the Lexus coupe drove. There was nothing good He was a merchant who was on the run in DC, who had shot a cop in a sting operation and was charged with attempted murder. He was a local pimp in his spare time and had lots of women working in the far rock band for him. The only reason why her aunt was leaving to stay is that it was keeping happy by paying them. I had enough money for rent, groceries, and a new Jaguar her. It was not long before the streets began to speak. It was not long before their Myasia out either after a good eight months of courtship had persuaded her to run away from home. "Lynasia, you know your sister? "Mom and Nana both ask me every day." No mother, no nanny. "It was everything they said. How could I have told them that I thought she was, she was with and what I thought he was doing? ***
After a week of playing disappearing acts showed the face Myasia home. Mom was so happy that it was not even in any trouble. His eyes were swollen as if he were crying all day. Took a long hot bath and ate a huge plate of food. Still not sure what was going on until later that night. "Ly? Myasia called me when I was preparing to go to work the night shift at K-mart semi. "Yes?" I said.
"Come here." She told me sadly.
"I'm pregnant and Ty …. I do not want more. "
"Aahh man!" "Why do you say?" As if she could hide a baby forever.
"I thought it was different." She said giving me a hug.
"I have to go to family planning in the morning." "I need someone come with me. "
"You got it, Sis, this is the hug that always lasts a lifetime and it is here when you need it." I told myself same crying .***
The worst place for women of any age should have to go is to an abortion clinic. Myasia jumped out of his first and last visit and bought some things for herself and her baby was coming. She was only 2 months, so he started coming out to work for a clothing company Mott Avenue. I put in at least 35-45 hours. We were thinking about moving as soon as we had enough money saved for it. I had told nana, nana and told Mom, and Mom Dad said. So everyone knew I did not know was that Myasia tested positive for HIV in the second quarter. That was something I did not tell anyone. ***
The Valentine's Day in the morning at 7:19 a.m. Myasia gave birth to a healthy baby was 5 lbs. 4 oz, 21'', and transmits the cutest baby who had ever since. She named him Carter Jr. Tyleek Bryson had a head full of hair, curly as Myasia. I just looked like my sister looked at her son again and again. It was taking a lot of anti-viral drugs to give thanks to God Tyleek Jr. was not born with the HIV virus as well. Myasia never told about his condition Tyleek.
He was only with him that way and that she was not sharing needles or blood transfusions had never in his life. ***
Tyleek came to a room that afternoon and began a discussion as soon as you enter the door. I was in the bathroom at the time but dropped to the ground as soon as I heard the shooting by instinct. "Stupid bitch! Has tried to kill me now kill you first." Tyleek said as he stood on my sisters crying cold body. "Hey little man, Dad is here, do not cry. "" You whore mothers who gave AIDS dad is now dead. "
"NYPD freezing drop the gun and let the baby! "Tyleek Police said while there in the hospital room with his son and still crying." "Hey, little man. I love you. "Tyleek said Tyleek Jr. When he read their rights and carry.
After almost 2 hours trying to revive his Myasia was pronounced dead. My older sister has gone from a year ago. I still think of her often, every time I see my nephew Tyleek Jr.. I have to go to court to testify against Tyleeks the next Tyleek weeks. I can not wait until they hear that Myasia unprotected sex with him throughout the year and all children, including oral sex still used condoms. And she went to her aunts house the day before she and Felicia tell he was going to kill Myasia and did nothing to stop it. I have to get with my nephew and outside of the hood. I had to tell my sister Myasias history.

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