Tamrac Digital

Tamrac Digital
Looking for a camera/Camcorder Bag!?

Ok so i was looking at the Tamrac 5587 7x expedition laptop/Camera Bag and here is my question and what i want it for;

I have a Digital Slr, point and shoot camera, hd camcorder, 3 smaller lens, one medium lens, water proof case, and a canon flash. I would like to fit it all in there with a little room, because i am tired of carrying to bags around when i go to friends houses and on trips.

Is there a better bag out there that does this that is good quality but maybe is less of an “expedition” bag? The price is not what scares me its people who are saying it is not at all light and feels good while backpacking through the amazon… the amazon i do not need hehe!

Ok, I have a question for you, how big is your laptop?

Because that’s what’s going to limit your selection of bags. I’ve looked at that Tamrac, and might but it yet.

What I have now is a Lowepro Vertex 100 AW Backpack, among others, and I actually bought the bag first, and then a 13″ lappy so I could fit it in. With it fully loaded, it weighs nearly 40 pounds.

You might give the Lowepro CompuTrekker AW a look, it’s only like $90.

If you don’t absolutly need to carry your laptop, you’ll find a much larger selection of bags.

My favorite bag is the Lowepro Mini Trekker AW, it’s somewhat compact, and looks more like a knapsack than a camera bag. Which I like!

Digital SLR in Tamrac Superlight 1 Bag