Tele Lens Panasonic

Tele Lens Panasonic
I have a question about Panasonic Dmc-FZ8?

I recently bought a Panasonic DMC-FZ8K. I want to know the difference between the hood adapter and the actual lens adapter(DMW-LA2). I have a couple different lens already. 1 is a wide angle, and the other is a Tele Conversion Lens. Both of these fit directly onto the hood adapter, but will there be a difference if I use the actual lens adapter vs. the hood adapter

the hood adaptor, holds the tulip Shaped Lens Hood, which is great for keeping glare off your lens… I’d suggest getting a uv filter and a c/p filter to fit on the hood adaptor. Look in your camera manual for the filter size which fits on the hood adaptor. If you have the conversion lenses, which fit onto the hood adaptor, you won’ tneed the lens adaptor.

If your lenses do not fit directly onto the hood adaptor, you use the lens adaptor to fit the lens to the hood adaptor. I believe that it’s simply a step-up step-down ring. (which you can purchase for less than Panasonic asks, at a store like Ritz Camera.)

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