Tele Telephoto Lens

Tele Telephoto Lens
Nikon D90 Dslr Camera?

the nikon d90 is sold with the18-105 lens….. for around 1200,

how is that lens, because i can buy the body for 650…
and is that $550 70-300VR lens respectably fast… or is it not worth getting?

and does any one have any knowledge about how the tele converters (the $450 one’s) work in unison with the 70-300VR lens

and last question, with a telephoto lens, does VR matter? (since it would be on a tripod mostly)

thanks again for the help

GET THE VR LENS! You might think you will used “mostly” on a tripod, but there are times (many of them) when using a tripod for that focal range is not practical. I’m into bird photography and now cars and neither one really lends itself to using a tripod. Well, birds in flight are not well-suited subjects for using a tripod.

VR is for real and it is more helpful with the longer focal lengths. See these examples.


Most of these are with the 70-300 VR:
Many of these are, too:

I thought maybe you already owned the D90. If you are interested in a bit of an upgrade, look for a D90 with the 18-200 VR lens. The build quality is a bit better. You’d have to check some test sites for image quality, but I suspect that the 18-200 is better there, too.

Unless you are buying a used body from a trusted friend, that $650 price is too good to be true. There are a lot of dealers out there who will sell you the body ONLY and then sock it to you if you want the rest of the stuff that is supposed to come with the body, like a battery, battery charger, strap, etc.

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