Tele Wide Angle

Tele Wide Angle
Photographers…Whats a good entry-level tripod?

I have a Nikon D80 w/ an MB-D80, and switch between a heavy tokina 12-24 wide angle and a weighty 70-300mmVR tele. I dont want to break the bank, but there are times when i need a tripod, (i.e. night settings, very long exposures, multiple exposures from the same spot, etc).
I know the name Bogen Manfrotto, and hear its the best.
maybe so, but i dont want to spend more than 250 for a decent tripod. i like quick release, but dont need it. i think. something manageable, portable, versatile, and independent legs might be good since i shoot alot of low angle with my 12-24 and dr-6 viewfinder.
so gimme some actual suggestions. please dont refer me to, as im already familiar with his site and obviously couldnt get the answer i wanted from there already.
thank you!

Slik, Velbon, Gittos, Gitzo are all good tripods. Just get one that is tall enough for you – if you’re 6′ tall and the tripod only opens to 5′ you’ll quickly tire of stooping over to use it.

Check at or or Do not waste your money on some no-name department store brand. Spend 15 to 20% of what you have invested in your cameras and lenses.

Remember: “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays.”

Never give in to the temptation to raise the center column more than an inch or two.

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