Telephoto Tele Lens

Telephoto Tele Lens

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Are you planning to asafari? Do you know what the problems face at the same time on your safari? So if we hear not a passenger For Safari Photo quide for you,

Preparing for an exit.

In preparation is necessary to give consideration numerous aspects but only refer to photography tips and we do not want you to be dissappointed after having spent a lot of money in asafari and you can not get results.It the right is always advisable to start a holiday with new Digital Cameras do not equipment.With tested, take some pictures in each of their memory cards and check that computer.For properly discharge its multimedia storage device must adigital verify that your copy of memory cards with success and you can transfer files to your home is computer.It advicable at least to put a roll of film through of a new camera and perform a full test any newly purchased lenses.Before deaparture to familiarize yourself with all the cameras used and the objective of fuctions.Ensure understand all the features of any digital storage system using.Researching it might seem invaluable and setting, the flora and fauna that is likely to find will help in selecting the most appropriate equipment for their own photographic needs.Also guarantee and is for your own good and benefit of ensuring all Boxing teams from damage, theft in all countries that visiting.It is very important to maintain a checklist of the cameras and the serial numbers of the lens as this will be useful in an event to be submitted aclaim.Should equipment stolen, it is important to record a statement with the local police in that country andd get a document with the rubber seal as insurance compensation process only when they have this document.



These days there are a variety of cameras to choose from.For safari photographers really hit top mark only Lens Reflex (SLR) digital or film, with a center of the lens is interchargeable ideal.Almost all models of high-end car tool is a great asset for photographer.This wilddlife systems can save photos precious time and therefore could be lost insurance equipment.Due manual focus with the rigors and stresses that nowhere in safari on your computer, is very advicable taking at least two camera bodies, there is little or no chance of getting any compensation out of the camera outside major cities.Obviously is beneficial have two identical camera bodies, but if this is not feasible you must make sure your "back up" camera accepts the same range of lenses and accessories as its first camera body.

Compact cameras are either fixed or zoom, are quick and easy to handle andd prove ideal for visitors who Photo record.When wish only to visit the coastal area can be obtained under water compacts.This is a relatively inexpensive way to get started in photography.Since under water Most of these covenants under water without pressure are only operating at depths of just over ameter.

Most Compact Digital cameras are similar to equipment size and performance theater, but have the advantage of instant replay, either through a small built in monitor link.Images computer or recorded on a memory card, so images can be quickly sorted, saved or deleted, to make room for more photography.An growing number of Digital Video records have a choice of photos, and these have the added advantage of being able to record hours of action. Like most digital cameras run on rechargeable batteries do not forget to pack chargers, leads, and plug adapters and a rechargeable battery and card replacement Memory is the most important.


If your option is the SLR will have to think about what to take interchangeable lenses with a large you.The variety range of photographic opportunities that are presented simultaneously in nature photographer safari demand an equally wide range can be found lenses.These with the manufacturer of your camera system in a great variety of lenses to choose from.In supplement, independent lens manufacturer will be able to offer competitive prices and perhaps different focal zoom lens lengths.Amedium between 70 and 300 mm and a shorter zoom lens around 28 to 135 mm cover almost photographic opportunities.For more cautious in mammals and the vast majority of bird species, and are often required.These 400mm telephoto lens, 500mm or 600mm, and although often quite strong and large, are essential for the more serious nature photographer and some even offer manufactureres lenses.These camera image stabilization uses a gyroscope that detects vibrations shaking and then balances to counter the movement and driven coil amagnate system.These compensation optical lenses particular, are useful for situations such as holding hands from the boat or vechicle.This technology really comes into its own when using telephoto lenses and the camera shake is greatly magnified, makes lenses 500mm and 600mm with a much more successful option.Many teleconvertors the new lenses will auto-focus and this will offer three options.Firstly, for ift switched off, you can focus manually, second, using a single shot auto focus camera blocking what you're pointingat, but will have to activate again the issue should move.Thirdly, focus servo can be selected when the auto-focus will constantly update the focus point: this is ideal for moving subjects.

Macro Lenses

The inclusi a macro lens in the bag of equipment is essential to ensure that their interests are in the photographic record close-ups insects and macro lenses are most useful flowers.The a focal length between 90 mm and 180 mm: this allows a reasonable distance from work most of the lenses subjects.With macro experience of around 50 mm have a very short working distance, which may disturb some short subjects.This work can also cause difficulties often the lighting, especially when using macro flash.The facilities offered by some zoom can be useful, but is rather restricted and in no way match with the quality of a true macro lens.

cheaper alternatives to the lens AMACR include the use of extension tubes, between any lens body andd camera, reducing the minimum focus distance, using reversing rings and flat lenses attached to the front of existing lens.

Lens Accessories

Tele-converters increase the magnification of the objective reports in a factor of 1.4 x 2x zoom lens well and some are specifically designed them.Extension to work with tubes and filter near-accessories are another way to increase photography.A macro expansion for UV or skylight filter on each lens offers protection extra accidental damage to the front lens element. a polarizing filter is well worth it, thinking it will help increase and saturation contral color. many improvements to the filters to achieve in the movie can be added later to digital images through computer programs like Photoshop.

Digital Storage

Many digital cameras use some form of removable storage memory cardd as XD, Smart Media (SD) or Compact Flash (CF). The storage capacity is measured in megabits (mb) or gigabytes (GB). The higher the mb "or" E "images can be stored more between downloads. It's a good idea to use a digital storage device for your memory cards each night.These dowenload are palm-sized units ranging in capacity lasts from 20 to 100 + gigabits. Some have small color screens with a laptop viewing.Travelling is another alternative where the images can be displayed, stored, or even burned to a CD or DVD. Small battery power of CD and DVD burners are also available and offer probably the safest way to copy security.


Most digital cameras offer the option to shoot in RAW or JPEG, and this is the format that records the image, film.Jpeg digital equivalent is a file format that stores photos digitsl in a very efficient way.It uses compression to reduce file size at the expense of image detail very well done this.The compression level (and thus the loss of quality) can vary. Raw files contain all data collected by the sensor, not a subsample as in the case of files.Raw Jpeg offers the greatest flexibility for the correction of post exposure and color format is shot choice among professional photographers.

Noise and ISO

As in film photography, the noise level increases with higher ISO settings, and is manifested in the form of the wrong color pixels that appear randomly in the dark areas. At ISO settings of up to 400 very low noise is remarkable, order to keep the ISO below 400 and keep the higher ISO settings for when no other alternative.


There are a variety havoc from photo negatives or transparencies for projection, there is no variety of films to choose avast from.The speed or light sensitivity is measured by a higher ISO rating.The ISO, the more light sensitive the film be.However will, the result will look more grainy.As light levels in East Africa are generally very good, should be possible to take advantage of the finest quality ISO quality films.The bottom of the film you need can be difficult and prepare a formal calculate.Try daily and double it! X-ray checks of airport security are standard procedure.However, which are used to check hand luggage should not cause problem for film or digital. Luggage storage is reviewed aften more powerful X-rays, so always take his film as hand luggage.

Camera Bags

For the protection of his equipment from damage, dust and rain is essential, therefore the need to buy a good quality Camera Bag.There many well-designed camera bags on the market today, with several recent designs in the form of backpacks, they are excellent, especially if you have to carry your equipment from any distance.In wide selection of proper bag, resist the temptation to buy one that is too large, only feel obliged to fill! with increasingly stringent controls and restrictions imposed by airlines on the size and weight of hand luggage, the lower the better.Waist – Mount the camera and lens bags can help to disseminate load.Stuff bags, sold in most camping stores in different sizes, offer a way additional protection against dust and rain.

Camera Supports

The most common cause of failure photo is without doubt the lack of defination caused the problem of camera thi shake.Ovecoming increase its huge success rate with the help of instruction manuals for the camera that provides data on "Sustaining camera "and is well worth developing a good technique in this area, elbows locked tightly into the body.

Whenever possible recommended the use of a tripod. There are many lights, but robust models on the market that fits snugly in your suitcase, medium or bag.Monopods roll are also a good way to stabilize the camera, but do require a little practice. In most East African safari to the vast majority of the filming conducted in a vechicle on safari, in most cases this precludes the use of a tripod to photograph monopod.The best alternative from a vechicle is to employ the use of a beabag, a very simple but extremely effective method support.Although camera beanbags are available in the market are not difficult to do and all you need is a section of fabric or canvas sewn to form a bag with a zipper for 150mm.This 300mm can be packed in your luggage to arrive at your destination chosen, is filled with rice, beans or peas and then place it on the roof of the safari vechicle quickly molds around your camera and lens, forming a very efficient support.

butt of rifle and pistol supports to allow freedom of movement when attempting to photograph moving subjects such as running like animals or birds in flight.if not choice but to hand hold the camera during filming, you should always make sure your shutter speed is as great or greater than the lens focal lenghth in use, so for 500mm-1/60th: 100 mm-1? 125th: 200mm-1/250th: 500mm-1/500th and so on.

Once you have all those listed below setting for safari and ready for any evcentualities and said although we have technical problems, but you already know and have the backup.

Scenic Safari, Tourism and aerial photography will be nice andd only memorable when you get quality images awaste OrElse all, hence the importance of give you advice on what to do when perparing for a safari to avoid last dissappointments minutes.

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