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What is a good small Camera Bag for a Canon Rebel Xti?

I just recently purchased a new backpack for my Canon Rebel Xti. I love the backpack (it’s the Lowepro 200 AW Slingshot camera bag) and don’t regret buying it. However, if I want to carry my camera in my backpack and want only one lens, I don’t know what to put it in. So I thought I’d purchase a Small Camera bag for just the body and the lens. I noticed that there are few out there I could get:

I was wondering if the above are good bags, or if there is some other bag I should be looking into? I don’t want to spend more that $15 or $20 since my last bag was more expensive that I planned on spending.

I would check out the Tamrac Adventure Zoom Holster Bag series. It is the same basic style as the Lowepro you have linked. Below I posted links to 2 photo dealers where I did a search that brings up a list the various Tamrac Adventure Zoom Holster Bags. I like it has a flap that goes over the zipper area and a quick latch to hold the camera in the bag as well as the zipper, making it better for quick access when out and about shooting. Both of these sites often has customer reviews of the equipment.

Hope this helps.


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