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Digital Camera Best Uganda Travel to Kenya Tanzania Safari

The Compact Digital cameras Ideal for Kenya Uganda Tanzania, Photography Safari

Although our safari guides are dedicated photographers often do not have cameras digital with them when they are on safari in Kenya Tanzania and Uganda rather than no interruption and focus on making the experience as pleasant as possible for tourists who have paid for the privilege. Our guides have plenty of other opportunities to travel and its incredible wildlife and landscape photography itself. With This "best digital camera information from our travel guides hope to pass on advice to help you get the best webcam Digital travel, safaris and nature photography.

Digital Cameras Best Travel Tanzania Kenya Uganda – the most important features are:

The camera must be Handy – This for a camera safari trip is vital, it should be easy to put in hand luggage must be easy to hold, we highly recommend a Compact Digital Camera Travel Africa. Remember professional photographers take great photography equipment because it is his job and is in Kenya Uganda Tanzania holiday with the idea of enjoying it.

Do not become a target – Another thing to consider is that if you travel around populated cities such as Nairobi, which are immediately a target for thieves.

Safari House – When traveling on a safari in Africa, most likely will be traveling with a 4×4 and the size of the camera is not critical, provided that is readily available, but if you plan on a walking safari, again a small easy to carry the camera is highly recommended.

Best Cameras Wildlife Photography

When photographing wildlife the most important features to consider are:

Get in close to the subject – Big Zoom necessary – directors of photography of wildlife in Africa are similar to photograph polar bears in the Arctic, you have to get as close as possible.

Digital Camera Battery type and battery life

Battery life and type of batteries The camera is also an important consideration to take into account, remember that if you are traveling to remote areas that can not be the electricity to charge its batteries, so buying a spare battery is two or need.

Below are recommended best digital camera for the trip from Africa and photography of wild animals, taking into account three main characteristics of big zoom Compact Camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28

The Panasonic Lumix Dmc-FZ28 is the successor to the popular FZ18 and increased resolution: 10.1 megapixels.

It has an amazing 18x super zoom with a stabilized optical lens (27-486mm, 35mm equivalent) and if that's not enough there are options to add a 1.7x teleconverter to it. As the first large zoom for t levels of wildlife and the role of 27mm wide angle is ideal for wide Masai Mara and Serengeti landscapes that lets you capture a wider view.

Canon Powershot SX10 IS

latest super-zoom from Canon, taking over from the PowerShot S5 IS fantastic. Unlike Panasonic, which uses AA batteries to power it. The massive 20x zoom (28-560mm equivalent) approach is perfect for large wildlife such as elephants and rhinos. The Canon Powershot SX10 IS features 10 megapixels with last DIGIC 4 processor added AF Tracking, more efficient video compression and intelligent self-timer mode waiting for a new person appears before beginning the countdown ..

Canon Powershot SX10 IS and the Panasonic Lumix Dmc FZ28.

Both cameras are very similar in many respects

Canon Powershot SX10 IS Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 Telephoto (T) 560 mm (20 x) 486 mm (18 x) Dimensions 128 x 88 x 87 mm 118 x 75 x 88 mm (4.6 x 3 x 3.5 in) image stabilization Yes Yes Format SLR-like guide price £ SLR-like 322 £ 260 Max Resolution 3648 x 2736 pixels Effective 3648x 2736 10.0 million 10.1 million Battery / Battery Charger Yes No AA batteries (NiMH recommended) Rechargeable Lithium Ion Weight (incl. batteries) 600g 417g

Other Super Zoom cameras worth considering Aside from the recommendations above the best camera to take a safari in Kenya, you may also wish to take a look at these options, all big and all cameras that comply with our requirements of being compact enough to easily carry while traveling, have a great zoom on it to get some nice photos of wildlife and should not be too expensive

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